Strength of the Fallen

The S’riel (the Fallen) have extraordinary strength, agility and endurance. They never grow old, never lose their strength, and never die unless killed in battle… until a S’riellan woman named Minrei wakes up one morning with the abilities of an average elf. A seasoned warrior, Minrei must now learn to survive without her S’riellan abilities. As she runs from a government which would dissect her, Minrei will discover the enigmatic origins of the S’riel, and ultimately reveal the true strength of the Fallen.

Status: First draft complete, awaiting revision


  • July 2007: Premise/introduction
  • November 2007: First draft
  • November 2010: First draft completed

Taken from the plot of an especially vivid dream, “the Minrei excerpt” was at first only three typed pages of introduction. The story was my 2007 National Novel Writing Month entry, though I only wrote 40,000 words of the 50,000 goal.

Since “Strength” was not completed in 2007, I completed its first draft for NaNoWriMo 2010, along with the drafts for “Areopagus” and “Spyder, Spyder“. Beforehand, I made several decisions to alter the story, such as changing the race of beings from elves to faerie, and making “Strength” part of 3PF canon.

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