Spyder, Spyder

Patrick is a spyder. He uses equations and mathematics to change and influence the real world. He’s a genius, but he can’t seem to impress Diane at all. Diane is a practitioner of charmcraft, the emotional arts reserved for the superstitious and for women. Unfortunately for Patrick, Diane prefers to hang out with Nick, Patrick’s rival. These three children are feeling their way through their fields and their emotions, but when they’re done, their world will be forever changed.

Status: First draft complete, awaiting revision


  • September – November 2008: first draft
  • December 2008: editing & revision
  • November 2010: first draft completed

Like many of my stories (3PF, Strength of the Fallen, etc.), “Spyder, Spyder” has its roots in a particularly vivid dream. I decided to write it for a novella class, but barely worked on it thanks to a new addiction that stole my creative energy. I hoped to make a lot of progress on it for National Novel Writing Month, and in fact won NaNo for the first time with this story’s first draft.

Since “Spyder, Spyder” was not completed in 2008, I completed its first draft for NaNoWriMo 2010, along with the drafts for  “Areopagus” and “Strength of the Fallen“.

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