Past, Present and Probable Future (3PF)

The story is retold throughout the magical world of Midgard: how the group of children known as the Eight grew into heroes; how they, led by the One and the Mighty, killed the mad conqueror Zinix in a magical battle witnessed by the entire world. But the storytellers of Midgard end the story there, never dreaming that the prophecy that brought the Eight to Midgard is still active, spreading its doubts in the mind of one girl. Laura, a member of the Eight and a seeress, knows that the clues of her past are leading to a very dark future: one that may be closer and more ominous than even she thinks.

Status: First draft complete, awaiting revision


  • 1997 – June 2006: First draft
  • March – May 2009: Short story “It Goes Like This” written as part of 3PF canon

After nine years of off-and-on writing, I finally finished the first draft of the novel 3PF in the summer of 2006. Like “My Homeland Chicago,” this was a self-insertion started in my early years, but unlike “My Homeland Chicago,” this story refused to release its hold on me. The first portion of the story needs rewriting and the last two need drastic editing, so the story remains on my list of things to do. I don’t really mind, though; I grew up with this story and am not so eager to let it go.

As of May 2008, I have decided to completely redesign the world, magic system and story of 3PF. The characters will be given their own names instead of my own/my friends’, and the Eight will be cut down to the essential three children: Valerie, the One; Damien, the Mighty; and Laura, the nameless.

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