Ian McLoring and Beatrice Winsor believe there is something else out there; something extraterrestrial, or perhaps supernatural. Robin Fenner is working feverishly on the time machine she’s always dreamed of, to take her to strange times and places. Laura Holst, Damien Tumibay and Valerie Lennox have seen everything two worlds have to offer, and now travel in search of wrongs to right. These seekers will each find what they are looking for, only to discover that the Multiverse holds so much more for them…

Status: Embryonic


  • May 2008 – May 2009: Imagining
  • June 2009 – present: Concept art
  • Feb 2010 – present: Comic script

Many of the fictional worlds I’ve already created will be included in this soon-to-be webcomic (similarities to CLAMP’s Tsubasa are coincidental). Even some of the main characters are from familiar works. Laura, Damien and Val appear post-3PF. Robin Fenner is unofficially from the world of (or a world very similar to) The Mad Scientist Wars. Ian and Bea are new, but they are probably the most important characters in Multiversed, the main main characters, if you will.

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