Cathy, Queen of Evil

A superheroine turned villainess, Cathy is determined to prove to the world that she will not be underestimated for being too nice. With her powers over emotion, she manipulates her way to the center of attention, but gaining a rep as a bad guy may not be as easy as she thinks. Her old archnemesis the Gatekeeper and her mother Firebelle (not to mention a wide assortment of superheroes and grudge-laden enemies) are aiming to keep Cathy out of trouble… by any means necessary. This is the story of Cathy and the people she affects as she tries to establish herself in a world that favors the good, but loves its secret evils.

Status: Abandoned


  • February 2006 – May 2008: Concept art & storyline planning
  • May 2008: Short story “Toll Booth Ninja” written as part of CQE canon

This is the story I would tell if I had a webcomic. As of this moment, I have a few character sketches and written storyline descriptions, but mostly Cathy and her entourage exist only in my head. Not for too much longer, though. Soon… soon I’ll show them. I’ll show them all! And then, I’ll rule the world!!! Mwa-ha-ha, and all that. ;D

As of August 2009, this project is dead. Its world-building and characters will be added to Multiversed instead.

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