While riding the train home from work one day, Kyle Newman discovers that he can see peoples’ sins in their eyes.  Kyle stumbles into the world of the Brethren, a race of mortal demi-gods forced to live among humans by their immortal ancestors. A member of the Brethren must have been the instigator of Kyle’s power, but as Kyle searches for the culprit he finds that his memories are gradually being replaced by the sins he witnesses.

Status: First draft complete, awaiting revision


  • November 2006: first draft
  • November 2010: first draft completed

I started “Areopagus” for National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) 2006. It was originally meant to be a short story, ending with Kyle looking in the mirror and going mad at the sight of his own wrongdoings. To make the story longer, I turned him into someone with hope, and with someone he loves on his side. He’s a nice guy, and I genuinely felt bad that I would frequently stop writing his story, often leaving him in precarious positions for weeks on end.

Since “Areopagus” was not completed in 2006, I completed its first draft for NaNoWriMo 2010, along with the drafts for  “Spyder, Spyder” and “Strength of the Fallen“.

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