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MSW: The Gift-Giver

Hehe, this bit of Mad Scientist Wars fanart has at least three different names, none of which really seem to fit. The original idea was entitled “Chinchilla Reindeer,” after Dr. Amino’s preferred choice of rodent to experiment on. As you can see, the picture below has no chinchillas in it. They were cut, due to increased complexity (and because I would like to spend more time practicing drawing chinchillas).

Because Dr. Amino has returned to the Wars (heh heh heh), I can post the colored version here! Her profile in the last entry will be updated soon as well.

This is wallpaper-sized, so click the thumbnail for full view.

Yarr!  ^^  I’m ready to get started on more artsy things, but I can’t. Or more accurately, I can, but I only have one day left in Chicago. Followed by a day of driving back to Des Moines, and helping Liz move into our apartment. And I may or may not have internet at the apartment…

*sighs* This could be bad for posting. We shall see.


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Emerald Knight

Let’s do wallpaper, shall we? Build up that neglected little category of mine? ^^

I made this one because I wanted a Green Lantern wallpaper, and there are no good ones of my beloved Kyle Rayner. Well… okay, none that I’ve found. Of course I then ran into another problem – I only own three collections or so of pure GL, and the art in them sucks, to be frank. And the JLA artists aren’t going to devote full-body solo panels to a member who isn’t Superman, Batman, or Wonder Woman. So I took the only good full-body image I could find, from the JLA: Divided We Fall collection. He’s not in his regular costume, but hey. I know it’s Kyle under that distinctive-crab-mask-looking helmet.

I will make more as I get my hands on more GL issues and graphic novel collections. I know that the GL art gets better – the Sinestro Corps. War proved that. Now if I owned the Sinestro Corps. War I could make a nifty one of Parallax!Kyle and the ring constructs he makes of himself in his hero costumes…

Sigh. Why do I love it so much when my favorite characters go evil? Probably the duality of character, not to mention all the mind games that the real villains tend to play in order to tip the heroes over the edge… Speaking of, I’m busy squeeing over the latest Ten Doctors page. The last panel, specifically. Half-naked Ten being converted into a Dalek… Mmm, I can’t wait to see how this twist gets resolved! ^^

NaNo news: Yes, I’m ‘still’ happy… Though yesterday I was cursing myself out and feeling like a dumbass for not finishing my Graphics assignment. I’ve got an extension, since my professor couldn’t help me figure out a couple bugs for awhile. Unfortunately, I haven’t written any of “Spyder, Spyder” in two days, thanks to that franticness. I’m waaay behind now, and I keep cheating with MSW. -_-

And the programming contest is tomorrow. Still need practice, and since I won’t get back until 5-ish, I may not have the time or energy to write… But I will. You watch me. Even if I can’t succeed, even if I’m utterly useless at the contest, I will at least have my story. And I will catch up. I will finish this thing. Mwa-ha-ha and all that. ^^

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Wallpaper image test (xkcd!)

A wallpaper I created back during NaNoWriMo, when I was webcomic-deprived. xkcd is pure awesome. Click on the thumbnail for a full version.

wallpaper xkcd

I’m using Photobucket to upload my pictures now. It’s prettier and easier to use than Imageshack; overall I think I made a good choice in switching, although time will tell. Expect more thumbnail-linked photos and pictures! ;D

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Paper towel dispensers for the Empire!

Paris… was very nice. It’s probably very sad that the only thing I want to say about it is that I managed to find ramen there, vacationing under the pseudonym ‘lamen.’ I should’ve taken a picture.

Moving in, however… oh my god I want to talk about it so badly. First of all, I am a sophomore at Drake. Last year I resided in the lovely Carpenter freshman dorms – which are crowded, subject to extreme temperatures, and utterly without charm or elegance. This year, I am sharing a Goodwin-Kirk suite with three other Anime Club members. The suite consists of three rooms: two bedrooms and a common room. The beds are high and comfortable, we have a bay window in each room, carpeting, and oh so much glorious room.

Let’s do a little comparison, shall we? I have two pictures of my second-semester layout in Carpenter. I was very proud that I had managed to move and set everything up myself. But… clever layout aside, it’s crowded. Seriously. I had to move the fan to get to my clothes and then move it back to get to my bed. I could only play the Playstation from the corner of my bed; the controller wire was too short. Etc. Etc. Etc. But don’t take my word for it. Take a look for yourself:


Image Hosted by

Now, let’s compare with the GK dorms, shall we?

Image Hosted by


Image Hosted by


Image Hosted by


And then there are the bathrooms. Oh the bathrooms of GK! These are works of art in comparison to Carpenter bathrooms. The toilet stalls are spacious, with low-to-the-ground sides and doors that actually lock. The sinks don’t leave puddle-sized wet spots when my shirt brushes against them, and they are spaced so that you do not have to bump elbows with someone every time you have to wash your hands. The showers are huge! Oh, at home I can take it for granted that I will be able to trudge from one side of the tub to another. But at Carpenter I could only turn around under the fickle showerhead. At GK, that is no longer a problem – I can trudge where I please within the curtained alcove, singing praises to the angel that watches over GK as I do so.

By and large, though, my favorite aspect of the GK bathrooms are the paper towel dispensers. They are motion-detecting towel dispensers. I just wave my hand and it measures out a paper towel for me. It makes me feel like a Jedi.

“This is not the droid you’re looking for.”

“Oh, I’m sorry, this is not the droid we’re looking for. Would you like a complimentary paper towel?”

I often come perilously close to giggling when I use the paper towel dispenser.


…Well, I got incredibly poetic there. Embarrassing. I do have creative stuff to show off this time, though; in fact, I have a little bit of a buffer. Not much of one, but enough to tide me over until I can continue churning out the writing, art, or comics. Here’s a wallpaper I did for my parents’ anniversary.

That’s their wedding picture on either side of the hedge, with the city and gardens of Paris as background. The hedge itself is from the Rodin Museum in Paris (where the Thinker is), at the very back of the museum gardens. I had to wait a long time to get a shot without people in it so I could create this very wallpaper. It worked out surprisingly well. And Danielle liked it, so I must have done something right. Oh, right, the kiss? That was in Paris too. Ah, amour…

Well, that’s it for now. Yeah, I know, I know, only one creative thing for the price of a long ode to the GK bathrooms. Eh, you can handle it, right? Right. *escapes*

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