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ART DUMP!, as promised. WheeeEEEeee!

Way back when, I did door signs for my roomies, in the Fighting Game Sprite ID style stolen from DeviantArt. Unfortunately Briana graduated after the Fall 2007 semester, and Christine joined us for Spring 2008 resplendent in all her elemental glory. A new door sign was created. And was never posted on this blog. I have remedied this.

Speaking of, the sketches for the Sprite IDs were pretty awesome. Just scanned ’em in and sprited right over the outlines. ^^

I was very proud of the sprite I did for myself. (Have I mentioned that it’s use as my banner is temporary? I will make a new one in December, I hope.)

Same with Anne’s. Compare with the flat-color sprite here.

Mad Scientist Wars doodles. I suck at drawing guys, much less guys with different body types, so I got some references of half-naked men and practiced. With art. Of course. Mmm, they needs some chest/back hairs, methinks… Ah, but I don’t think I’ve got another excuse to draw the MSW characters half-naked, so it probably doesn’t matter. Thaddeus Guy, maybe (hee – werewolf form), but other than that? …I suppose DavidxAndrew yaoi is an option, but… uh… no. No, no, no.

Discarded idea for a Writing Workshop poster. I draw dragons better now. Also, note how terrible that guy looks. Do I prove my point that I can’t draw guys? Yes. Yes I do. (They has no curves… ;_; )

Front illustration of a card I made for Bri’s graduation. From left to right, that’s me, Liz, and Anne. Zombified roomies all. The inside of the card read “We love you for your brains,” which I cheerfully stole from what is possibly my favorite Schlock Mercenary strip ever (it can be found here).

Is that enough art for you? No? No?! Sigh. Okies, one more. It’s a comic strip. Click on the image for a full-view.

I was reduced to using the same panel. Ah freshman year. When my art sucked and my humor sucked more. There’s a reason I don’t do many comics anymore… I like this one, though. A few touchups, fresh art, and it wouldn’t be completely terrible. Stars myself, childhood friend Jess, and her boyfriend John. Based on a real life conversation.

NaNoNews: Erm. I’m at 22,000 words. Nowhere close to where I need to be. I’m starting to panic again, but I have only a paper for homework, and a lot of free time before I go back to sweet home Chicago on Wednesday night. I need to keep up the enthusiasm. So to do that, I have a goodly stock of snickerdoodles and York mints. I also have started writing The End of “Spyder, Spyder.” Not the final scene, but the part in which Everything Goes Wrong. Patrick, Diane, and Nick are about to find themselves in a whole mess of trouble. The evil, evil sadist in me is reveling in this. But at least I’m writing again, right?




…Sometimes I scare myself…



Revised my NaNo reward system. Mostly because I want heavily discounted anime DVDs, not the foodstuffs I promised myself for 20,000 words. There’ll be plenty of time to fulfill my cravings for homemade food – that’s what Thanksgiving’s for, isn’t it? ^^ The other change is at 30,000 words. I don’t think I have the time to devote to reading or rereading a webcomic archive. Catching up on five webcomics is doable, though.

  • 10,000 words – catch up on 5 webcomics of choice
  • 25,000 words – buy $25 item for self
  • 30,000 words – catch up on 5 webcomics of choice
  • 40,000 words – catch up on 5 webcomics of choice
  • 50,000 words – buy $25 item for self

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Happy Valentine’s Day!

Valentine Sprite

Technically this is an animation I made last year, but I’ve fixed it up so that the motion’s smoother. And yes, I still like sprites… I just don’t work with them unless I have an idea that’s really awesome.

By the way, I’ve been sick… I’ll catch up on the posts, I promise!

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Last of the door posters (sans flying penguin)

Also, a picture of all the posters as they ended up on our door:

I really think they turned out great. The magnets are a much better system than the velcro stickies we used on the old posters, and printing the new ones out on cardstock really kept them smooth.

In NaNo news, I’m currently at 7,590 words. Planning to make it to 10,000 by the end of the weekend so that I can read my webcomics with Anne and Bri around – they can slap me upside the head if I seem to be having too much fun with my Piperka account. XD

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I wish my classmates would stop giving me sexual poems to critique

I know that there are a lot of hormones floating around on college campuses, and I know some of that is bound to make its way into the poetry of my fellow English 91 classmates. I can deal with the intimate stuff, but there are always two or three people in the Poetry Workshops who submit heavily S&M, somewhat mind-scarring stanzas. I know I’m an innocent (or sexually-repressed prude, take your prick – I mean “pick”), and I just can’t handle writing in-depth critiques of these poems. I can’t. That requires me to read carefully at least two times, something I would rather not do, even given a ten-foot, non-phallic-symbolizing pole and a pair of binoculars.

I think we only have two more Workshops left. I’m praying so, because I am way too uncomfortable with the situation as it stands right now.

In NaNo news, if I had kept to my 1,670 words per day schedule, I would have been able to read my five webcomics yesterday. Instead, I am left with around 3,000 left before I can partake of my first reward. I feel kind of guilty about not keeping up, and fairly desperate to read my dear, dear webcomics. Withdrawal has set in, I guess you could say. I found myself reading my printed volumes of “Megatokyo” yesterday, and had to put them in my closet so I would not be tempted. Also, I keep thinking about old storylines from webcomics that I did not think I’d miss too much… Agh, it’s driving me a little crazy. I have to keep focused, and I’m beginning to doubt whether having webcomics as a reward was a good idea – what if the Piperka proximity to so many other links leads me into temptation…?

The other affect of not reading webcomics is that I check my email five or six times a day, and visit Facebook a minimum of three times. Vaguely worrying…

Before NaNo started, I did manage to finish the Sprite Door IDs for my roommates. They are now hanging cheerily on our door. Here’s Liz’s and Anne’s posters.

Image Hosted by

Image Hosted by

I still like Anne’s best.  The outfit?  The katana?  The flying penguin?!  So. Awesome.  The last two posters, plus photos of the printed versions, will follow in the next post.  Yeah, I’m a stinker.

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Helped a praying mantis across the sidewalk

And that was the highlight of my day. Seriously, it was. I was walking back to the GK dorms, sipping my Wild Cherry Pepsi/lemonade mix and wondering what homework to start on, when I came upon a large bug making its way slowly across the sidewalk. I literally stopped and dropped my food in order to get down and better examine it.

At first I wasn’t sure what it was, but oddly shaped front legs suggested that it was a mantis. It wasn’t in ‘praying’ mode, but was hobbling across the sidewalk with a determined air. Why was it hobbling? One of its front legs was of massive width, but was cut off prematurely and had a brown color that seemed awfully indicative of some sort of physical decay. The rest of it was a beautiful greenish color, not vivid, but startling nonetheless against the plain gray of the sidewalk.

As I said, I accompanied it across over half of the length of the sidewalk, inching along to kneel beside it. Once it was over halfway across, it stopped suddenly and quickly swiveled its head to stare at a person approaching from quite a distance away. Another person approached from the other side and the mantis turned to stare at her too. And then I moved.

It didn’t exactly look at me right-on, but its eyes! Oh my God, I think I fell in love with it just because of those eyes. They were slightly darker in the middle, and faded outward into the lightness that was most of those eyes. Gorgeous. I wanted to pick it up and whisper sweet nothings, but as it watched nervously for predators, it had risen off its hobbling front legs and struck a pose – awkward-looking, due to the brown leg, but still impressive. So I waited until the mantis scurried off in the opposite direction, then rose and came back here, to look up webpages on praying mantids and eat my chicken fajita wrap.

Mmm. I love bugs. They make me incredibly happy when I’m stressed. Two years ago I spent an hour talking to a cicada when I was particularly depressed about something. Afterward I was ecstatic and went to bed happy.

Birds also make me happy. I can’t pick them up or anything, but they are also so incredibly beautiful to me. At the Carpenter dorms, there was a tree outside that filled with mourning doves every evening. And then there was the time I stopped to study a group of cedar waxwings after my first tutoring meeting… Yeah, I’m a nerd.

Which leads to an entirely different conversation, but I’ll get to that later, I promise. 😉

I finally finished the Writing Workshop poster!!! Woot!

By probable_futures at 2007-10-03

Also, I have had to redo Anne’s sprite, which was the only one I’d started on… heh. But this is what I’ve got so far:

By probable_futures at 2007-10-03

Isn’t it cool? I need to add shadows and bad-ass blade effects and make the hair somewhat more realistic… but I still like it. I guess muted colors work better without shadows.

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In sickness and in health

I am SICK. Not so sick that I couldn’t go to class today, but miserable-sick, cold-sick, cramps and runny-nose sick. It might’ve been from walking back to the dorms in the rain last night, but I think there’s been enough foreshadowing that I can safely say it’s been building up for a couple days now. I have no will to do anything productive, mostly because my brain is stuffed with cotton and every time I dip my head slightly, my nose decides to become my own personal waterfall.

In other news, I am also stressed out. I have taken on – volunteered for – two very time-consuming projects that I ordinarily wouldn’t mind doing, except that they coincide with a metric buttload of homework, and, of course, each other. I have not been able to hang out with Josh, and probably won’t be able to unless I recover my health before the weekend’s out. In short, I am not a happy camper, and my cold is only making things worse.

I don’t have much new in the way of artwork. I have some poetry, but that would require moving to get the little notebook I’m supposed to be keeping daily for my poetry class. So here’s a new piece – a sprite ID I worked on for maybe six hours straight last weekend.

I like it, but it’s failed at it’s original use – a DeviantID. You see, fighting game-esque IDs are all the rage now… The trend’s kind of dying off, but it’s still quite popular. And there are such awesome spriters out there, I am amazed by even some who never tried pixel art before in their lives… I was jealous and had to make my own.

But when I resized my basic sketch, I made it too small, and the resized sprite above just won’t do for the 441 by 670 pixels the “rules” call for. If I wanted to make a real DeviantID, I’d have to resize the sketch and then do the whole arduous process over again – “inking” pixel by pixel, agonizing over each color and where to place each shadow (I’m still a newb at shadows, remember). So what I have is fairly useless. Unless…

Unless I could convince my roommates that I could make them each one as a door poster, since we need new ones anyway. And they said yes. That’s time-consuming project no. 1: repeat the pixelating process for three more sketches, possibly redoing my own after my roomies’ are done.

Time-consuming project no. 2 is a poster for the Writing Workshop. That might not require the hours that the Sprite Door IDs will, but the focus is different. The Writing Workshop poster is advertising. The Door IDs is a fun way to let visitors know whether you’re in or out of the room. One will be seen by everyone on campus. The others will be seen by whoever happens to pass our door in the hallway. Eeek.

But I asked for the work, so I will do my best to complete everything, even though I’ll probably end up frothing at the mouth by the end of next week. Mmm, sweet, sweet madness.