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My first pin-up for Multivers’d! Awww yeah!

…What? You thought that with my ratio of 4 ladies to 2 gentlemen, I’d focus on a woman first? Ha ha! You’re funny.

Truthfully, I was going to start with a picture of Ian and Bea making out or post-coital or just being adorable together. They’re the MAIN main characters, after all, and I’d rather show them being sexy with each other than separately. But yesterday, while going through stock art on DeviantArt, I was inspired to go with Damien first. The urge to draw a half-naked man was just too strong. XD

The AT4W fancomic is on course. The script turned out to be 18 pages long, but it’s done now. Once I’m confident I can consistently draw Linkara, Iron Liz, and Doctor Insano, I’ll be able to start comicking. I expect the comicking process to be time-consuming (being a proto-webcomic), so I’ll probably be posting a page at a time on DA, two or three times a week. It may take the rest of the summer to complete.

Speaking of That Guy With the Glasses, next week the TGWTG 3rd Anniversary mini-series “Suburban Knights” begins. “Kickassia” (the 2nd anniversary event) was just so utterly hilarious and random and fantastic, that it became an instant comfort movie. I had to buy the DVD because I watched it so much, I was getting sick of loading times. “Suburban Knights” looks like it’ll be just as good, if not better. I have a feeling I’ll be sketching a lot of fanart next week. And I can’t wait. 83



Project descriptions and teasers!

It feels like I’ve a ton¬†of projects open at the moment, and it’s been long enough since I’ve blogged regularly that I might as well explain them. Not shown: looking for a graduate assistantship, my Project Management final paper, and all the conceptual ideas that haven’t made it to paper yet.

A nerdy recipe

It involves meatloaf. And that’s all I will say for now. ūüėõ

Green Lantern masquerade dress

early progress photo

The only way I’ll ever be able to cosplay Green Lantern Kyle Rayner is if I do it rule 63 style! I decided on a masquerade costume, so this isn’t quite cosplay, but rather me in a dress that will be reminiscent of Kyle’s old costume. I’m really excited for this. The pic above is an old progress shot – I have since acquired white cloth and a black choker, and soon I’ll make the mask and ring too.


Ian McLoring

Yes, work on¬†Multivers’d¬†continues, mostly in character sheets, height comparisons and chapter descriptions. Expect some pin-ups and one-shots while I get used to the characters interacting with each other on the page. Progress will be slow for a bit, though, because I’ll¬†primarily¬†be working on…

“Day In, Day Out of Character,” an¬†AT4W fancomic

panel from thumbnailed script

During Spring finals, I managed to get addicted to Linkara’s Atop the Fourth Wall comic reviews (found here and here). After finals were over, I was free to binge and plow through the entire archive. I may just be a bigger fangirl for Linkara than Doug Walker now, and – ahem. Right. I decided to make a fancomic.

Yeah, a fancomic. A long time ago I swore I’d never go down the dark, addictive path of writing fanfiction. Ah well. The odds were against me keeping that promise anyway. I can justify creating this fancomic because it’s a longer comic than I’ve worked on thus far (current estimate is 15 pages), but not nearly so long as Multivers’d will be. In other words – this is great practice for the comic-creation process. I already feel a lot more confident about being able to pull a script together for Multivers’d (although I may have to script an entire chapter before starting on art duty, so keeping a buffer will be key).

This is also the likeliest project to see fruition before the others, so keep an eye out! More pictures and comics will be up here soon.

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Twelve characters, three stories, one kick-ass month

NaNoWriMo goes well so far. ¬†I had a very stressful time last week, and I’m still recovering from that. ¬†So I’m behind in my word count, but the last two days I’ve managed to pull off 2,000+ words.

This NaNo seems to be oddly easier, even with the setbacks. ¬†It helps having established stories to work off of, I suppose, and the fact that I can switch between stories once my steam runs out. ¬†I’ve written 5,744 words so far, about half in Spyder, Spyder, and half in Areopagus.

I found this awesome 12 Characters meme on the NaNo forums, but they’re down at the moment, so I thought I’d post mine here. ¬†It’s crossover-tastic, as one might expect. ¬†Later in the month I’ll probably be writing crossover-fic due to NaNo desperation, but for now, this scratches the itch pretty well.

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Multiversing Strength of the Fallen

NaNo’s coming up quick, and to celebrate I thought I’d do a post a day on the projects I’ve got to look forward to. First up, Strength of the Fallen.

The plot: the S’riellan (translated as “the Fallen”) are the super-powered soldiers of the elves. But one morning, a S’riellan war hero named Minrei wakes up to find her strength, speed, and senses are those of a regular elf.

SotF is probably my favorite of the three NaNo projects. ¬†It’s got a lot more going on than the stories I usually write, in that Minrei is not a predestined hero, nor a powerful rookie. Rather, Minrei is a physically-strong woman turned weak, an experienced fighter now reliant on smarts and creativity, and a fugitive from a government founded on conspiracies.

I reread the initial draft as prep for NaNo. Predictably, the writing became less well-thought-out as I went through it. I could tell when I started getting desperate for higher word counts, since I stopped using contractions and started adding notes about which swear words to use. (SotF was apparently written after watching Firefly, because I had decided to swear in Fijian. I now regret that decision. It’s too obvious.)

Basically, in the 88 page document, anything after page 40 might get cut. I’ve made a few plot-altering decisions for the coming NaNo already. A big one is that I’m cutting the romance bit that occurs in the last half. It doesn’t fit, and makes Minrei seem emotionally-weaker than I want her to be.

The other big change is that I’m making SotF part of 3PF canon – and by extension, Multiversed. When I first thought up Minrei, I used a similar worldbuilding premise to the one I used in 3PF. If you’re interested in an explanation, you can find it below the cut.

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Tossing and turning the page

I’ve been having trouble sleeping recently. I go to bed and I toss and I turn, and I think about Multiversed. As a result, I’ve made a lot of progress in figuring out the chapter storylines. The prologue and chapter 1 still need some work, but chapters 2, 3, n-1, and n are more-or-less planned out in my head (where n is the magical chapter when shit goes down, yo). I even have chapter titles for some of them. It’s an¬†exhilarating¬†feeling, having solid plot to work with.

And, if you check my Multiversed references page, you’ll see that I’ve posted an update with Damien’s character sheet. I’d hoped to have Valerie’s revised character sheet done by today as well, but… see for yourself :

Heh heh. To misquote “Bend It Like Beckham,” when drawing, I tend to make even mosquito bites look like juicy juicy mangoes.¬†^^;;

Sleeplessness led to another awesome turn of events besides Multiversed progress. One night I stumbled back out of bed, and went back to my computer. I was looking for a couple of documents in which I keep spare ideas (for incorporating into a Multiversed storyline, say). But instead I ended up reading the beginning of Strength of the Fallen. Then, amazed, I read bits of Areopagus. Then Spyder, Spyder.

They were actually good.

It’s been long enough since I wrote these projects that I don’t remember anything but the barest details of them. It was as though someone else had written them, some writer who knew what she was doing.

For the first time in my life, I agree with my mother that I should try to get these things published. …Which means I should probably finish writing them. ūüėõ

Therefore I’m proud to announce that I will be doing National Novel Writing Month again this year. This time, I will be writing the ends to the drafts from my previous three NaNo’s. This month, my prep reading will be the drafts; my homework to brainstorm endings. I’m incredibly excited for this. NaNo is the most hectic but brilliant time. I feel so alive (if tired) during it, and I’m sure this time won’t be an exception.

(And look at those pep talk guests! Holly Black, Dave Eggers and Lemony Snicket. SQUEE. :3 )

Last but not least, I’m including an excerpt of Strength of the Fallen. There are a few things I’ll change in a later draft, of course, but it reminded me of all the intrigue that’s at the heart of this story. Click to read the excerpt.

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The page of Multiversed reference art has been updated to include the newest character sheets:

I’m panicking a bit. After I do my CS capstone presentation on Friday, things should be okay again. There’ll be an update then.

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Fake it ’til you make it

Since last I wrote, I have:

Overall, though, I’ve been struggling against apathy. Senioritis has hit, and I’ve stopped caring about most of my classes. The homework, the projects… Little seems relevant anymore, and truth be told, the apathy is preferable to my previous panic. I can do this, I know I can. But I’m so very ready for undergrad to be over.

Regarding the capstones, I’m ready to talk about Dread Summons a bit. The premise is that a novice from a supernatural control agency gets sent to a haunted apartment, where she must summon a spirit and return the apartment’s inhabitants to normal. It is a third-person adventure game, in 2-D and with my own artwork. Dread Summons will not be completed in time for my capstone presentation, but I hope to have the interface, controls, and a puzzle ready by then. I’m using C++ with OpenGL for the code. Even though I’d hoped to use Squeak Smalltalk, it would take way too much time to learn. And I don’t have a lot of time right now.

The prologue of Multiversed has been rewritten. I decided it would be better to leave out all the fancy foreshadowing and flashbacks, focusing instead on what happens after Ian and Bea start world-traveling. They’re perfect for asking, “What the hell is going on?!” and demanding answers. ¬†The sooner we get the explanations out of the way and into the narrative proper, the better.

Nearly all the character sheets are done too. ¬†Only Damien’s and Cecelia’s are left. ¬†Unfortunately, even if I finish them today, I won’t have the time to draw roughs of the revised introduction to show my classmates. ¬†I’m a little disappointed about that, considering how greatly it could help them understand how the script would be translated into comics, but at the same time… I dunno. It’s a lot of work I just don’t want to do right now. Ah, apathy strikes again. :/

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