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Project descriptions and teasers!

It feels like I’ve a ton of projects open at the moment, and it’s been long enough since I’ve blogged regularly that I might as well explain them. Not shown: looking for a graduate assistantship, my Project Management final paper, and all the conceptual ideas that haven’t made it to paper yet.

A nerdy recipe

It involves meatloaf. And that’s all I will say for now. 😛

Green Lantern masquerade dress

early progress photo

The only way I’ll ever be able to cosplay Green Lantern Kyle Rayner is if I do it rule 63 style! I decided on a masquerade costume, so this isn’t quite cosplay, but rather me in a dress that will be reminiscent of Kyle’s old costume. I’m really excited for this. The pic above is an old progress shot – I have since acquired white cloth and a black choker, and soon I’ll make the mask and ring too.


Ian McLoring

Yes, work on Multivers’d continues, mostly in character sheets, height comparisons and chapter descriptions. Expect some pin-ups and one-shots while I get used to the characters interacting with each other on the page. Progress will be slow for a bit, though, because I’ll primarily be working on…

“Day In, Day Out of Character,” an AT4W fancomic

panel from thumbnailed script

During Spring finals, I managed to get addicted to Linkara’s Atop the Fourth Wall comic reviews (found here and here). After finals were over, I was free to binge and plow through the entire archive. I may just be a bigger fangirl for Linkara than Doug Walker now, and – ahem. Right. I decided to make a fancomic.

Yeah, a fancomic. A long time ago I swore I’d never go down the dark, addictive path of writing fanfiction. Ah well. The odds were against me keeping that promise anyway. I can justify creating this fancomic because it’s a longer comic than I’ve worked on thus far (current estimate is 15 pages), but not nearly so long as Multivers’d will be. In other words – this is great practice for the comic-creation process. I already feel a lot more confident about being able to pull a script together for Multivers’d (although I may have to script an entire chapter before starting on art duty, so keeping a buffer will be key).

This is also the likeliest project to see fruition before the others, so keep an eye out! More pictures and comics will be up here soon.


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Happy holidays!

May all your silent nights be warm and bright.

With much love,


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A quick catch-up post

Heya! I’m still alive. Still working on things, still dreaming of others, still discovering new obsessions. These days I’m at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, doing grad work in their Library and Information Science program. I have a fellowship for this semester, which means I do not have to work but can instead spend my four-day weekends lolling around playing Pokemon or playing The Whispered World (a gorgeous point-and-click 3rd-person adventure game; more on this later, perhaps).

This is the first apartment I’ve had on my own, in a city where the only person I know is my childhood friend Jessica. It’s still strange and weird and scary, and I’ve had a few breakdowns in which I’ve been convinced that I’m meant to die a hermit. I have no idea how to make friends, truthfully. I’ll have to work on that.

In the meantime, I’ve kept in touch with Liz, Vince, and Dan in Des Moines. I’m working on initiating conversations instead of believing myself a nuisance. I’m keeping busy with homework and artwork, and I spend my nights working through X-Files and Supernatural. I cook; I take care of bills and laundry; I practice 3-point perspective. Besides the whole “making friends” thing, I’ve done a lot, and I’m proud of myself.

I’ve come to a few conclusions, and I have some news about Multiversed and a few other open projects, but those can wait. For now, I wanted to share Dan’s long-overdue birthday present:

Are You Gonna Give Us Trouble?


There are lots of problems with it, I know. Perspective, for one thing. But I still like it, mainly for the adorable Dan-chibi. This was trace-inked with nib pens over a makeshift lightbox. I gave this version to Dan and kept the original sketch. This process means that there are no pencil/eraser marks on the above version, and I got to keep a physical copy. However, the tracing introduced a few of the errors (e.g. the way Dragonite’s wing mysteriously matches Arcanine’s fur), so unless I can get/make a better lightbox, I won’t be doing that again.

I’m currently working on Sarah’s gift (overdue since Christmas). Then I’ll work on one for Vince (just a week late, but promises to be longer :/ ). There are more things to show off, but I’ll leave this post as is. More next week!

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Tao of Geek Goodness

No drawing today, instead I’d like to send you over to Tao of Geek to check out the guest strip I did for Liz Walsh, and the archives if you haven’t already done so. I believe I’ve already said this elsewhere, but I’ll say it again: Tao of Geek is not the only webcomic I’ve kept up with since I started reading webcomics (Megatokyo, Dominic Deegan and CRFH!!! are also almong those ranks). However, ToG is the only webcomic that has consistently been my favorite. It was a real honor to do a guest strip for a webcomic that’s given me so many years of laughter, and I hope you enjoy it.


MSW: Duumvirate of Darkness

Bleh. Wanna know the reason why I chose a Sun.-Tues.-Thurs. update schedule? So that a post would be up by Mon.-Wed.-Fri., as I am counting on today. Hooray for large homework projects, late-night exams, and a number of projects that demand their own time commitments…

Anyway. Apparently my next few updates will all be Mad Scientist Wars related; I have only to choose which gets posted first. (The sad irony is that I have not had time to visit MSW for a few days, and may not be able to until Wednesday or Thursday night. *sighs*)

So. Comic dedicated to Prof. Zobot and Desius, I choose you! Some understanding of MSW may be necessary. As always, click for full-view.

Yeah, I go beddy-bye now…

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With a “Heavy” heart, or, Team Fortress-ian Gothic

Does it count as fanart if you draw it for the fan of an enterprise you are unfamiliar with? I vote yes, but it is a tentative yes.

I drew this Team Fortress/American Gothic ripoff as part of Dan’s Valentine’s Day card. So I used two beefy guys and a very – *coughcough*ahem – very large gun. Er. It made sense at the time, I swear! I could spend a paragraph reiterating everything Dan’s told me about the Heavy/Medic classes’ relationship, but I won’t. Suffice to say they work very well together.

Seriously, this turned out pretty well. Considering I drew and inked it in 45 minutes, with very few good references. ^^


Life stuff: Still not-ish working out. Every time I think “I’ve got this,” either things go sour, or I spend a lot of energy to ensure everything goes hunky-dory. Bleh. I will keep trying.

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Alternate Battleground

Yay for more Tao of Geek fanart! This was created a while ago, like the last one. I just never ended up coloring it. I don’t think I want to. It’s done, or at least as done as it’s gonna get.

Yes, this is where I learned the sketchy-shadow dealie. Click on the thumbnail for a better look at the details.


*rubs hands together* Right then. Updates!

Regarding the 24 Hour Comic – I failed, as might be obvious, considering I didn’t post anything celebratory. I’m just too slow of a cartoonist. When I still had only four uninked pages at hour 9, I panicked and, consequently, gave up.

Currently, the plan is to finish the fifth page, and scan the lot in. The comic will be part of a series of prose and/or comic-form stories in the Tales of Madness thread of the Mad Scientist Wars. The last section will definitely be in comic form, but that’s probably a long time down the road. When the overarching story (working title: “Til Human Voices Wake Us”) ends, Dr. Derek Gluon and Trebaruna Quark will be ready to enter the main Wars.

In the meantime, I expect most of the story will be in prose. I’m all art-ed out right now. All I want to do is doodle… I’ll finish up some stuff (Frederic’s profile, some of the MSW fanart, hopefully “Breaking the 4th Wall 2008”), but I don’t expect to take on many more major projects until midsemester, maybe. Expect a lot of quick sketches and one-shot fiction in the weeks to come.

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