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Breaking the fourth wall 2006 & 2007 (belated)

These should have been posted last year. As in 2007. Why? Because these are pictures for the project “Breaking the Fourth Wall,” a supposedly annual undertaking in which I draw my characters all together, interacting. It’s supposed to help me visualize my characters, as well as judge how my artwork has changed within a year.

Here’s the first one, made in 2006:
Breaking the Fourth Wall 2006

From right to left, the characters are:

  • my avatar & evil side; an evil spider (from an unnamed, scrapped story)
  • Character-Ashley (from “3PF“)
  • a minotaur (from the same unnamed, scrapped story as the spider)
  • Mr. Scotese (from “Sing a Song of Scotese” and real life)
  • Dominick (from “the Four Friends” and not a stick figure in real life)
  • Mr. C (from “Adventures in Spanish 2 with Mr. C” and real life)
  • Jessica (from “3PF” and not a fan of Scotese in real life)
  • Cathy and the Gatekeeper (from “Cathy Queen of Evil,” though currently in different forms)
  • Annabelle (from “My Homeland Chicago“)
  • Janet (from “My Homeland Chicago“)

Here’s the “4th Wall” for last year, 2007.  Half of the characters were drawn during the summer; the other half weren’t drawn until 2007 had just expired.  Even though I was drawing them this year (effectively cheating, I feel), I decided to ink them the old way, with the regular Micron pens instead of the brush pens.  So I wasn’t cheating too much.
Breaking the Fourth Wall 2007

The characters from right to left are:

  • Stick Figure Dominick (“the Four Friends”)
  • Annabelle (“My Homeland Chicago,” another early story that got scrapped [that’s why she’s so sad!])
  • Good Cathy/’Angel’ (“Cathy Queen of Evil“)
  • Jessica (“3PF“)
  • Ashley/my avatar (“3PF“)
  • Mr. Scotese (“Sing a Song of Scotese“)
  • Evil Spider (unnamed, scrapped story)
  • Mr. C (“Adventures in Spanish 2 with Mr. C”)
  • Erica (“Areopagus“)
  • Kyle (“Areopagus” [he’s not blind, but is blindfolded so he won’t accidentally see anyone’s sins in their eyes])
  • Minrei (“Strength of the Fallen“)

Huge difference in art styles, huh?  I can’t wait to see what I come up with later this year!


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