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m3g4hearts, youkai, and mythbusting

Last summer I thought of an idea to keep my fangirly instincts in check – controlled crossover fanart. The series would be called “Amalgam Worlds” and would combine two or more fictional worlds in ways that would fit the characters and themes of each. “Harry Potter” and “Sword in the Stone.” “Dracula” and “Justice League of America.” The possibilities – and the sources of inspiration – are endless.

My first AW was titled “Youkai Keyblade,” combining the worlds of my favorite manga series, “Saiyuki,” and “Kingdom Hearts,” a totally awesome video game. In a way this is kind of a problem, considering that “Kingdom Hearts” is by nature a giant crossover, drawing together characters from Disney films and “Final Fantasy” games to create one giant amalgamation, not composed of one world but of many. To retain the spirit of an AW, I concentrated on the main arc of the “Kingdom Hearts” mythos – the hero Sora and his quest to get his friends back from the darkness. In “Youkai Keyblade,” Saiyuki character Sha Gojyo takes Sora’s role as Keyblade master.

I no longer have the original artwork of this, by the way. Gojyo happens to be my sister Danielle’s favorite Saiyuki character, so she asked for the original. It is survived by a digital copy on my laptop and on ImageShack.

I also used “Kingdom Hearts” as the basis for “M3g4Hearts 4rtless.” Here, the main characters of “Megatokyo” find themselves up against the ‘artless,’ a form of Heartless that takes the shape of Shirt Guy Dom, whose trackball stick figures too often fill in on the popular webcomic. I’m working on a colored version of this. It’s taking way too long to do, though.

And last but not least, “Myth Busted.” A combination of the gender-bending webcomic “El Goonish Shive” and the TV show “Mythbusters,” which isn’t really fictional. Ah, who cares? It works anyway: Dan Shive was the one who first got me interested in the show. So I sic’ed a Writer’s Block on him. Aren’t I sweet? ;3

The Amalgam Worlds project is currently at a virtual standstill as I concentrate on coloring “M3g4Hearts.” I have one in mind combining my favorite “Saiyuki” character, Cho Hakkai, with a Kingdom Hearts-inspired background. It might be awhile until I attempt it, however.


In other news, Neil Gaiman gets snogged by Jonathon Ross while presenting an Eisner Award at Comic Con. *sighs* One of these days I’ll go to a convention. Preferably one chock full of webcomic artists, as Comic Con appeared to be this year. *sighs again, only more loudly, then slouches away*


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