About Me

If you turn around here,

you can walk back, safely;

you will lose no face. I will think no less of you.

~ Neil Gaiman, “Instructions” (published in Fragile Things)


Dreams to Wake Up To is a creative blog, what for comics and drawings and writings and rants about writer’s block. It belongs to a nerd-geek combination with fries named Ashley. She is also known on teh interwebz as ‘probable_futures’ OR ‘probable-futures’ OR ‘probablefutures’ (depending on the day’s punctuation fetish when she registered). Her dogged preference for that pseudonym might be explained by this page. On The Mad Scientist Wars, Ashley plays one JanetTor, who does exemplify this trope, sort of.

Off of the internet, Ashley will quickly wither into a forlorn husk of an addict before turning her attentions back to the first love of her life: books. She prefers fantasy and sci-fi, but will devour a book of any genre provided it sounds interesting enough. She tends not to enjoy romance. At this time, she estimates that she has read over 1300 books. Among those books are various graphic novels and manga volumes. She adores comics, especially Saiyuki and Green Lantern. This love of comics extends to those published on teh interwebz. At this date she reads 111 webcomics.

Looking at the last paragraph, one may rightly assume that Ashley has a highly addictive personality. She was banned from ever playing World of Warcraft after watching a roommate play, and consequently developing a second-hand addiction. Ashley is something of a fangirl, and has been known to squee on occasion. Her favorite authors, characters, and shippings span many mediums and genres, yet are easily identifiable when they appear in this blog.

Ashley has nothing else to say, suffice that she hopes you enjoy your stay here, and that she is sick of writing in the third person.

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