Spyder – okay, you know what, I got nothin’

Couldn’t think up an appropriate play on the title of the third NaNo project, Spyder, Spyder. ^^;;

The premise… is best explained by the project page linked up there. I really don’t know how to explain it in fewer words. It’s a story about gendered professions, a world just starting to come out of the shadows of patriarchy and superstition, but mostly it’s about three kids who are trying to live with one another while finding their places in the world. It’s kind of a love story, but mostly not. It’s kind of a YA novel, but kind of not.

Spyder is hard to describe because the worldbuilding is folded into the story in a way that SotF and Areopagus aren’t. It’s about the charmcrafting, it’s about the techno-mages called ‘spyders’, and while the characters are prominent, the magic – whether ‘female’ and symbolic, or ‘male’ and scientific – might as well be a character in itself. It’s hard to describe.

To be honest, when I was writing it the first time, I was constantly upset that all I seemed to be writing was drama, the mushy stuff. Rereading the script, I saw that wasn’t quite true. The worldbuilding is more present than I thought. As a result, there aren’t any large sections to cut. The whole damn thing is plot, or worldbuilding, or both. It’s like that the whole. way. through. 70 pages of pure (if editable) plot. I have no idea how that happened.

Nice thing about that, is I have no canon-rewriting changes to make. I don’t have to choose what foreshadowing to follow, because it’s all important and there’s only one way the plot can go from page 70. The only question is how far to take the conclusion.

Okay. National Novel Writing Month starts in 20 minutes. Wish me luck!

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