Sitting judgment on Areopagus

NaNo’ll be here tomorrow! I’m so excited and nervous. But not too flighty to talk about Areopagus.

The premise: A mild-mannered secretary named Kyle Newman falls asleep on the train one day and wakes up to find that he can see the sins of all those he locks eyes with.

Reading this draft wasn’t nearly as painful as I thought it would be. True, it’s the least polished of the three projects. It meanders and only starts building towards a climax at page 50 (of 87). And even then, there are half a dozen obvious Chekov’s guns, and god knows if I meant them all to go off at once.

But while I remembered the meandering and uncertainty about where the plot would go, I didn’t count on the meandering feeling… kinda worth leaving in. I won’t pretend that the characters are particularly creative. The main characters can be (mostly) summed up by the titles “shy English major”, “blunt feminist”, and “Crazy Asian Man” (the latter is actually used in-story, but it’s apt (okay, maybe not as apt as “Crazy Nerdy Type”)). They’re over the top in some ways, embarrassingly me in others… but the meandering plot gives them a bit of subtlety. Not a lot, but enough.

Speaking of, I clearly had a lot of fun writing from Kyle’s point of view. He, uh, narrates like an English major. Lots of metaphors and such, not to mention introspection and a flair for the dramatic. It’s kind of hilarious.

As for where to continue – like I said, the plot doesn’t pick up until late in the draft. I’ll take those cues, and one or two of the Chekov’s guns, and just write. I still don’t know how to end the story, unfortunately. But I think I can meander a little more on this one if I need to.

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