In ur script, killin’ ur babies

A lot of people know this about me by now, but in case you didn’t… Once upon a time there was this story I wrote. It had a couple names, but it ended up being called “Past, Present, and Probable Future,” aka 3PF. Best I can tell, I wrote it on and off again for nine years before I finally had a rough but completed first draft. Nine years of thinking about this behemoth. On long car rides, in the shower, during class, before falling asleep at night I went over this story in my head, building on the worlds and the characters, trying to get them exactly right. 3PF was my epic. Its writing defined me. And then the rough draft was done, and I set it aside. My epic could wait for me to mature enough to edit it down.

But… I’ve been thinking about this a lot over the last couple weeks, and I think – I think 3PF is dead.

It’s tough to say. I don’t usually kill projects, after all, I just stop working on them and leave them in suspended animation. Those that are ‘killed’ are usually stillborn – embryonic projects that never made it to paper. 3PF was none of those. I fully intended to return to it; and god help me, it followed me for a little less than half of my life. The world of 3PF has stories left to tell, as do the characters. I could tell you so much about that world… about the people in it and their customs and quirks and histories…

Multiversed killed it.

Or rather, Multiversed absorbed that world. It goes like this: Multiversed was a crossover fanfiction I wrote in my head to help me go to sleep at night. When I realized that the story could be a good one if it weren’t fanfiction, I set about changing characters so that they became my own. Multiversed’s characters are all decidedly different from their base counterparts. (Maybe one day I’ll post a comparison, but that won’t be until the comic is established.) And fool that I was, I decided to save time by using my own pre-existing characters. Why not add the Three from 3PF? Their backstory and personalities fit so well into the new project, I was amazed.

So what’s the problem? That’s not enough to kill a project. Well, the problem was ‘Ashley’ who was renamed ‘Laura,’ and who just a few days ago was renamed again ‘Cecelia.’ Her backstory is a major plot point maybe halfway through Multiversed, and that backstory means massive spoilers for 3PF. Even though I love it so, 3PF will have to remain a private endeavor, a once-favored project with too much history to simply stay out of mind.

I don’t think anyone else will care. I didn’t share the draft with anyone; I just talked about it to anyone who seemed interested. With the completion of draft 1 a couple years behind me, I do believe most have forgotten about Ashley’s good ol’ 3PF. But I tip my hat to the project, for it will not have died in vain.

In other news, the semester already feels like it’s ending, and April’s going to be a bitch, especially since I signed up for Script Frenzy (what for churning out the Multiversed script). More on all that later.

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