The problem with inking

I have a feeling that every post from now ’til the end of the semester will be in the “Multiversed” category as well as the “Spring 2010 Semester” category. It makes sense – I’ve been daydreaming about Multiversed for over a year. I know what needs to be done for this project. Hopefully it doesn’t turn out to be a bad thing, that I spend all my time working on Multiversed and ignore the semester’s other obligations. *sighs*

Speaking of my other projects, I have a plot for my CS capstone game! And a main character design (no name yet, unfortunately)! The game will be called “Dread Summons,” but I’m going to keep the plot to myself for a bit. Implementation-wise, I’ve been learning Squeak Smalltalk and it seems perfect for my purposes except for one thing… Squeak doesn’t convert animated .gifs very well if they use transparency. This could mean that animation is out of the question. It could also mean that I need to tell Squeak to animate stills, or that I need to mess with some code to make the Morph class do what I want. Either way, I’ve got a lot of work ahead of me.

As for Multiversed… I accidentally did a bad thing. Last post I reported I was “too tired” to redesign Bea, but perfectly okay to ink Qinzolquani. I neglected to mention that I’d inked an old sketch of Bea as well.

Until yesterday, I assumed that the process of inking was a necessary evil, a way to get from point A (penciled sketch) to point B (clean artwork). Inking requires some creativity… but not a lot of thought. For me, it’s a relief to ink. Inking’s just going over the lines again, right? Get the drawing finalized, get it ready to scan. Easy-peasy.

Except that inking also finalizes the drawing in my mind. I can’t remember penciled sketches for beans, but as I work over each line with ink, I commit it to memory – and the inked drawing sticks there. When I started writing the Multiversed script, I was imagining Bea’s old design, all because I made the mistake of inking it.

So I tried again to recreate that old design, but I can’t do it. Her hair design alludes me still. Though it frustrates me to no end, Bea has to be redesigned. My ability to draw just can’t accommodate my imagination this time.

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