“She Who Eats Sin”

Due to a couple of bad days, there has been no progress on anything but Multiversed. My capstone class will workshop a draft of my script on February 22, eleven days from now. I’m not sure yet how many pages to set as my goal, but I do know that I’d like to include relevant character sheets. I’d also like to include the comic versions of the first few pages, to show the class how I expect the script to inform the art. Hopefully, the effect will be like opera glasses – the class gets a glimpse of what the characters look like in order to imagine them acting out the script.

On the other hand, time is definitely an issue. It takes me forever to draw the roughs of one page, and more time to ink it, scan it, clean it up. I may end up with one complete page and a few pages of roughs… or, if time is reaaally short, one complete page.

I’m probably getting ahead of myself. Of the three I need to start scripting, only Ian’s character sheet is done. I tried to recreate Bea’s character design but I just couldn’t do it. Her hair is short, thin, and wavy – an effect I can’t get right anymore. Basically, Bea needs a new design. I plan to consult my pile of magazines and cobble together a new design, one that I can draw. Keep the hair length, the way she smiles bashfully, but redesign her hair cut, and facial structure.

After I made the decision to scrap Bea’s sheet, I was too tired to try a new one, or even to work on Wendell’s. Instead, I inked Oshel’s main design (a full-body sketch as opposed to just facial expressions or body language quirks). I like this new design very, very much. The Mayan, Celtic and Japanese elements meld better than I expected – they’re there, but no longer seem so disparate, so oil-and-water.

Neva/Oshel has had another name change, by the way. This should be her finalized name: Qinzolquani. I went Aztec-esque, because I think her culture is very close to the Aztecs’. However, I made up the name. Admittedly, some inspiration came from Tlazolteotl, an Aztec goddess who inspires “vicious desires” but who, as her dual counterpart Tlaelquani (“she who eats sin”), also forgives those sins. Why was Tlazolteotl inspiring? Let’s just say that she is the closest religious equivalent I’ve seen to my goddess of secrets.

From what I can make of Aztec pronunciation, Qinzolquani would be pronounced kin-sol-kwa-nee. …Of course, it’s hard to remember that Qinzolquani’s culture would not be purely Aztec/Mayan, and pronunciation could go out the window in a flash. :/

Interestingly enough, I feel older looking at this new design. I adored the old design, and now I look at it and wonder. How much poorer would Multiversed be if Qinzolquani had remained Neva, stayed in her decidedly Grecian attire? I liked her old design because of her long black hair, her lips, her eyes. And maybe I liked that design because it was easy to draw. Nothing to think about, just fwsh fwsh done. Her design is now much harder to draw – partly because she’s got that mound on her tummy, partly because her costume is so detailed. But now it’s a more interesting experience to draw her. I’d argue it’s a more interesting experience to look at her, too.

I even have to pause every now and then to remember that this gentle-faced, smiling mother-to-be is going to be the primary antagonist of Multiversed. That’s a weird thought, though it makes me happy knowing that she subverts a stereotype/cliche about pregnant women. If I’m weirded out, while knowing perfectly well why I made her pregnant, well… Good. I’m doing my job right.

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