Of Smalltalk and a goddess of secrets

Besides homework, I wasn’t especially productive this weekend. I did start a tutorial on Smalltalk, to figure out if I can use it for my CS capstone game. So far it’s looking like yes, but the tutorial takes so much out of me! Just completing section one (of six) took three straight hours, after which my brain was reduced to mush and I was good for nothing more than watching Iron Chef and Glee. I’ll have to break the other sections down further, to save on brain power. Even so, I had hoped to have a much better grasp of Smalltalk by now. Taking another week to learn the language will be necessary, unfortunately.

For Multiversed, I have to redo some character sheets. Bea and Ian need a bit more work, which is fine. Their designs won’t change much; I just want to make sure I can still draw them. But Wendell needs a character sheet badly. In my head, Wendell is sometimes an older man of about 60-70, with white hair pulled back in a ponytail and ZZ Top-style beard. Other times he’s middle aged, with chin-length, brown but greying, wavy hair – no beard. I haven’t decided which version I like best, but I’m leaning toward the middle aged version.

It would make sense for me to draw Bea, Ian, or Wendell first, since I will need their designs ‘finalized’ before I start scripting the introduction. Instead, this weekend I redesigned the character formerly known as Neva, who is one of my two favorite characters in Multiversed. Since I drew the first character sheet for her, I have realized that she is pregnant for a good deal of Multiversed, which she clearly isn’t in the first character sheet. I also realized that her design was a combination of a few key elements from Winnowill and Skywise (Elfquest) – not bad designs to crib from, but still. Finally, her name, ‘Neva’, means ‘snow’ in Spanish, but I didn’t feel that was appropriate to her (admittedly imaginary) culture. In other words, my goddess of secrets needed to change.

Her new name is Oshel (until I decide to change it again). I’m still unsure about her design, too. I kept the long black hair because I have a bit of a thing for long hair, even though it’s the most Winnowill-esque aspect about her. I also kept her Asian-looking eyes, and her lips – the top lip is painted black, and the bottom is unpainted but still plump and noticeable. Yes, her lips are kind of like Queen Amidala’s from Star Wars, but fuck it, I like the effect.

I knew she needed to be pregnant. That was actually the easiest thing to change. Her current costume, however, reflects some indecision on my part. Oshel’s initial costume was Greek-inspired – white flowing robes, with gold armlets and bracelets. Now, her costume draws from the Mayan, Japanese, and Celtic traditions, in a way that I’m not sure meshes well. Her footwear and dress are Mayan-inspired, but she’s also wearing an obi and a leather (?) strip to tie her hair back. It is definitely more accurate to her character, I think, but still might not be quite what I’m looking for. I’ll put her designs away; concentrate on the characters who still need reference sheets.

That’s all for now. I expect tomorrow will be busy, but in a good way. Tuesday is going to suck, though – a long day with very short breaks. I should get used to it, I suppose. Every Tuesday and Thursday will be like that for the rest of the semester. Bah.

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