The TF Gun line is that-a way

I heart red pandas. I used to adore giant pandas, those great lumps of black and white fur. They look like they’re built for hugging, honestly. Now, red pandas seem so much cuter. The thought of having a small bundle of fur asleep in my arms is more appealing <3.

Yeah, yeah, I’m such a girl sometimes, I know.

I blame Mroo for this. Because, hey, why not?

I’ve been playing with my mother’s watercolor pencils. They’re a nice compromise between the control of regular colored pencils, and the blend-ability of watercolors. However, my brushwork still leaves something to be desired, and I don’t like the way my index cards dry into curls, even if I do like the colors. I think I’d like to try markers too at some point. Maybe Liz’ll let me try out hers?

This quick sketch certainly put to rest some fears I had about color. Now it’s just something I have to work at (like everything else).

  1. #1 by Zobot on October 26, 2009 - 2:11 pm

    Heehee! It’s a really cute picture.

    I’ve seen this blog post before, but I was reminded of this picture after playing a game my brother bought, Magic Chain. The main character has a little red panda sidekick called Hanna.

    So yeah, I love that picture!

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