SBE Week: Live from my brain

Incredibly, I haven’t shown these comics here yet. The first two just have really bad artwork-wise. Old stuff. Old old stuff. It’s the last bunch that are really embarrassing… Well, you’ll see.

Comic 1.0:

This one’s the same comic, only with updated art. Where ‘updated’ means ‘2007 art’ instead of ‘2006 art.’ It does have a test font based on my handwriting. Unfortunately, I can’t use the font with Ubuntu.

Comic 01.1:

‘Live From My Brain’ was supposed to be a series of comics. I toyed with some ideas, then abandoned the concept. Until Fall 2008. When I get the idea for this really good zinger which only really works in ‘Live From My Brain.’ Unfortunately, it’s also really embarrassing. For males, and for me. But. Good zinger means I’m also oddly proud of what would be comic 2.

Comic concepts 2 – 4:

Aaand there we are. *blushes*

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