QS: Progress

So. Artsy things. I have a bit of a buffer, so let’s get some of them out of the way. Noteworthy is the fact that you can see my inking style changing as the months go by. And… uh… I don’t want a misunderstanding, but I’m not withholding any quick sketches. The date gap really does indicate how long it took me to do another sketch. *is embarrassed*

I’ve drawn Luz a couple of times before, in doodles. I like her hair, and the fact that she’s always smiling.

I’ve been playing FFX off and on since freshman year, which has given me a tendency for Final Fantasy kicks. This quick sketch was to mark my triumphant return to this blog. But that April I found I really needed a phoenix down, and never got around to updating here.

Me and Dan. I’d blush and say ‘nothing to see here, move along,’ except that this marks the beginning of my current inking style – thick outlines and thin lines to more accurately represent hair. It works really well for chibis.

The inking style isn’t so great for full-size people, but eh. I like it anyway. These two are Mentor and Rachel, not-quite-main characters from 3PF. Mentor is a bit lackadaisical, but a competent mage. His book tells him everything he wants to know about anybody or anything within his world. Rachel, on the other hand, is a chaosbringer (a mage with purple eyes). She’s a warrior through-and-through, toughened from a life in which everyone fears or hates her. Besides the actual-main characters, these two are my favorite. They don’t really like each other, which is a shame. I’d love to write a story with them both.

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