Frak me, I’ve sooo fallen behind on this site. Long story short: spring semester ended; I didn’t go back to Chicago and am currently looking for a job in Des Moines.

My problem with joblessness is that I feel useless and unqualified for everything, and I have a (okay, much-greater-than-usual) tendency towards moodiness. Thus, my logic becomes severely messed up. I’ll devour webcomics but refuse to touch video games. I’ll make commitments to better myself, yet fearfully stay silent on the commitments that I most want to make. Why does my brain decide I’m a slacker if I do some things but not others? I really have no idea.

But I have an interview tomorrow, and despite all the panic attacks and dark moods I’ve been having, I feel like the metaphorical clouds are opening to reveal a bit of sunshine. Whatever happens tomorrow, I want to fully return to the interwebs while it still feels right to do so.

Tomorrow is shot, but there will be a full post on Friday.

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