Not… dead… yet…

I was actually able to implement the change I talked about in my last post (which feels like forever ago, fer serious). I toned down the procrastination and got my homework done on time pretty consistently. And then, if I had time, I’d either sleep, or snog Dan and then sleep.

Not all has been well, though. I haven’t been writing, I haven’t been drawing. I broke down a few times due to anxiety about exams and my inability to be social (I know it’s stupid, I’m a lot better adjusted for society than I used to be, but it hits me sometimes nonetheless). My grandpa went to have an operation, and was found to have cancer, which spread itself throughout his body before they could remove the tumor. My grandma (on the other side) wound up in the hospital as well, thankfully for less serious reasons.

There has been a lot on my plate lately. I don’t think that’s an excuse for neglecting… well, everything else. My writing and art. This blog, MSW, DA, Facebook, AIM…

I want to say I’ll be okay from here on out, and that I can post again and be active. However, I’m not sure if I can make that promise. I’m all right for now, with midterms over and anxiety soothed by good friends. But I know me, and I know life, and I know this can all change in an instant. I thought I was okay last time, too. I ended up disappearing off the face of the internet.

So I can’t promise anything substantial. I can say honestly that I will try to integrate my creative and social endeavors into my schedule. I miss that, and I want so badly for that to be normal again.

Wait. I’ll be here.


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