With a “Heavy” heart, or, Team Fortress-ian Gothic

Does it count as fanart if you draw it for the fan of an enterprise you are unfamiliar with? I vote yes, but it is a tentative yes.

I drew this Team Fortress/American Gothic ripoff as part of Dan’s Valentine’s Day card. So I used two beefy guys and a very – *coughcough*ahem – very large gun. Er. It made sense at the time, I swear! I could spend a paragraph reiterating everything Dan’s told me about the Heavy/Medic classes’ relationship, but I won’t. Suffice to say they work very well together.

Seriously, this turned out pretty well. Considering I drew and inked it in 45 minutes, with very few good references. ^^


Life stuff: Still not-ish working out. Every time I think “I’ve got this,” either things go sour, or I spend a lot of energy to ensure everything goes hunky-dory. Bleh. I will keep trying.

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