A Pinocchio post

I’m back! Ish. The Spring ’09 semester is underway, long since underway it feels like. Due to a filled schedule on Mondays and Wednesdays, I’m moving blog update days to Tuesday-Thursday-Saturday. Oh yeah, Wednesdays are pure awesome. I get to wake up and tutor in the Writing Workshop for an hour, go to all my classes, and then end the day at 10:00 pm, after another three hours tutoring. I asked for it, but there’s not much time for blog posting then, no way.

As for life in general, it’s been on and off good/stressful. Procrastination is back up. I feel lost and dumb in my CS classes again, but I’m trying to ask for help more often. Oddly enough, I’m doing parse trees in my Structures of Modern American English course… while CS professor Rieck talks about Noam Chomsky. We’re going to build a computer in Digital Computer Organization. The first story’s almost due in Fiction Workshop.

And then… well, after a bit of cuddling, I realized I like like Dan. We’re going out now, although we haven’t really had a date since the first one last semester. He’s got a personality very similar to mine, so it’s not much of a surprise that both of us are pretty content to just hold each other for hours on end. I… I’m not sure how much else I can say without sounding like a complete nut, so I’ll stop here. ^^

Overall, I’m just trying to straighten things out right now. Time’s a big issue, and will likely remain so for the rest of the semester. I’ll do my best to keep on top of everything; I beg forgiveness for any lapses I might have.

First “real” post tomorrow.

P.S. Remember those belated Tao of Geek fanarts I posted a while ago? I sent them to Liz Walsh, and she posted about them in the ToG blog. Go take a look!

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