Alternate Battleground

Yay for more Tao of Geek fanart! This was created a while ago, like the last one. I just never ended up coloring it. I don’t think I want to. It’s done, or at least as done as it’s gonna get.

Yes, this is where I learned the sketchy-shadow dealie. Click on the thumbnail for a better look at the details.


*rubs hands together* Right then. Updates!

Regarding the 24 Hour Comic – I failed, as might be obvious, considering I didn’t post anything celebratory. I’m just too slow of a cartoonist. When I still had only four uninked pages at hour 9, I panicked and, consequently, gave up.

Currently, the plan is to finish the fifth page, and scan the lot in. The comic will be part of a series of prose and/or comic-form stories in the Tales of Madness thread of the Mad Scientist Wars. The last section will definitely be in comic form, but that’s probably a long time down the road. When the overarching story (working title: “Til Human Voices Wake Us”) ends, Dr. Derek Gluon and Trebaruna Quark will be ready to enter the main Wars.

In the meantime, I expect most of the story will be in prose. I’m all art-ed out right now. All I want to do is doodle… I’ll finish up some stuff (Frederic’s profile, some of the MSW fanart, hopefully “Breaking the 4th Wall 2008”), but I don’t expect to take on many more major projects until midsemester, maybe. Expect a lot of quick sketches and one-shot fiction in the weeks to come.

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