Smexy Jer

And now, the current (unintentional) theme of smexy people in various degrees of undress continues!

Fanart of my favorite Tao of Geek character, Jeremy. I’ve had this lying around on my computer for about a half a year now. I didn’t forget about it, I was just too lazy to complete it. (There’s supposed to be a remote-controlled robot chasing Trevor around in the background.) Right now I would simply attribute Jer’s facial expression to him knowing that he is that damn smexy. Well. I think he is.

The original version can be found here. It’s old. You can tell I tried to emulate Liz Walsh’s style. You can tell I wasn’t too comfortable with male anatomy. In short, Version 1.0 hurts my brain, and if it weren’t for the fact that I like demonstrable art progress I would simply sweep this oldie into a closet. And then strap rockets to the closet and send the whole mess off into outer space, preferably straight into a black hole.

…Yeah, nothing says ‘I’m feeling better’ like clever allusions to violent acts. ^^ Now to sleep! I shall try not to panic about the 24 Hour Comic I’ll attempt when I wake up. Wish me luck, eh?

Tao of Geek and Jeremy are (c) Liz Walsh. Have I mentioned that ToG has been my favoritest webcomic evar for a few years? No? I should have. *takes out megaphone* READ THIS WEBCOMIC.

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