“I-I-I ke-ep on fall-in’…”

“In and out – of love – wi-ith you…” 😉

I haven’t been very productive the last few days. What with Liz showing me “Merlin”; finding “Kingdom Hearts: Re: Chain of Memories” as delightful as the GBA version; and needing to go shopping before the blizzard warning kicked in. This is one of the few drawings I managed to eke out.

It’s a spoiler, really.

On Thursday I will – barring severe cerebral damage – attempt a 24-Hour Comic. I could draw one of my Cathy, Queen of Evil storylines, but I’ve decided to use a story set before the Mad Scientist Wars instead. Janitor has been given very little of my attention, when you consider all the fanart and doodles I’ve been doing for the other characters. The story, therefore, will focus on Dr. Derek Gluon as he attempts to find out who this ‘Janitor’ really is, and what secrets lie in her past. Oodles of backstory, and flashbacks and whatnot.

I’m afraid it won’t make so much sense for people off of the forums, but I’ll post it here anyway. The quick sketch above was an attempt to get a panel out of my head, but keep it ready for use on Thursday.

Er, clarification: Janet Torvalds won’t be naked in the story itself. I just kept the sketch that way? Because?  ^^;;

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