Cuteness KILLS

I… like this, I really do. Nice mixture of art styles and inking methods. Pretty decent contrast. But… where in my brain did this come from?!

I know it began as a warm-up sketch with a Potemayo-style chibi. In the Mad Scientist Wars, Professor Tinker’s character Frederic has a similar form, so I wanted some practice before I have to draw those line-up pics (and fanart). That was the intent. So where do a wet-haired woman in a kimono and an evil shadow enter the picture? WTF, brain. WTF.

…oh god no. “Caramelldansen” just started playing. My immediate thought: “Hey, I should do a MSW-Caramelldansen animation.” Despite the fact that I can’t animate drawings yet. Despite all the other projects that need to be done first, MSW fanart and otherwise. What the heck is my brain smoking?!  O.o

Current projects: one more MSW seasonal fanart, and then I have to buckle down and draw “Breaking the Fourth Wall 2008.” Trouble is, I don’t know which of the five MSW ideas to draw first. Also, I have no desire to start “4th Wall ’08.” I’m afraid to, for some reason. I know my art has grown leaps and bounds since 2007 – heck, it improved drastically just in the last few months, what with all the guys in the MSW profiles. So why don’t I want to show that off? Eesh.

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