Irony in one’s own favor?

This is an old quick sketch, never uploaded because of laziness. It’s not bad. …I like drawing women? I miss using my brush pen to ink, too. Hm. Obviously this means I should do a quick sketch of a woman and ink it with the brush pen.

As reference, I used stock (“Rags 19”) from mjranum-stock on DeviantArt. In real life, his name is Marcus Ranum.


So! I’m back in Des Moines, Fiona’s stuff is gone, Liz is moved in, and I have enough groceries to get me through the week. However, for a day Liz was living in the dining room since Fiona claimed not to know when Liz was moving in. Even though she told us she’d be moving out during finals week. Even though she told Drake Realty she was moving out December 30th. And she just happened to be stuck in Ames while Liz was stuck in the dining room, so Fiona finally sent her friends to get the stuff out. *sighs* I wish I could say that this was unexpected, but it wasn’t. She was a terrible roommate, and I’m glad she’s gone.

Also, turns out that the internet was indeed shut off. Someone was stupid and downloaded a movie on the apartment’s ISP address. I paid the bill, but we can’t do anything about the internet. Through amazingly bad planning, the girl in charge of the account left for Malaysia months ago, and service was never transferred over. To get service again, we’d need her SSN and other such authorization. Which we don’t have. Time for a new account.

The irony of the situation? After three months in the one bedroom that doesn’t get the apartment’s wireless internet, I am the only one in the apartment who has internet access. I’m piggybacking off someone’s unsecured network, sure, but it’s still internet. *happy sigh*

In short, the last two days were really stressful, and it’s such a relief to be able to relax again. And believe you me, I am relaxing today. Art starts up again tomorrow.

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