Red Lantern Ashvatar

This post is being written on Saturday. I leave for Des Moines on Sunday, but I’ve heard that the internet has been cut at my apartment. It falls to me to sort it all out, which makes me nervous as all hell. (On the brighter side, Liz is moving in tomorrow! I am so happy to be living with her again.) If there’s no internet on Monday, at least I don’t have to worry about making a post on top of everything else. And if there is internet… well, there’s probably other stuff to do. Fresh post on Wednesday, same Bat-channel.

I doodled this last-minute. It’s an “Ashvatar” – one of my avatars. I was thinking about the whole angel-devil on the shoulder bit, and the way Narbonic and Comedity used multiple aspects of personality instead. So there’d be a character’s Angel and Devil, but also a Nerd, a Social Life… etc. My planned “Live! From My Brain” comics will do something similar.

But I was thinking: For an agnostic, I sure follow a lot of Judeo-Christian assumptions/cliches. Why use Angel/Devil duality, which assumes black and white morality? Why use Angel/Devil when I can indulge my Inner Fangirl and use the Lantern Corps?

According to “The Blackest Night” run of “Green Lantern,” there are seven lantern corps of different colors, drawing upon different parts of the emotional spectrum:

  • Green: willpower
  • Yellow: fear
  • Violet: love
  • Red: hate
  • Indigo: compassion
  • Orange: avarice
  • Blue: hope

The above is the Red Lantern Ashley. Not particularly strong in me, but still the most obvious choice for a representative of the dark side. I might draw more of these and round out the corps. Might take awhile, though, there’s other projects that need doing.

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