MSW: The Gift-Giver

Hehe, this bit of Mad Scientist Wars fanart has at least three different names, none of which really seem to fit. The original idea was entitled “Chinchilla Reindeer,” after Dr. Amino’s preferred choice of rodent to experiment on. As you can see, the picture below has no chinchillas in it. They were cut, due to increased complexity (and because I would like to spend more time practicing drawing chinchillas).

Because Dr. Amino has returned to the Wars (heh heh heh), I can post the colored version here! Her profile in the last entry will be updated soon as well.

This is wallpaper-sized, so click the thumbnail for full view.

Yarr!  ^^  I’m ready to get started on more artsy things, but I can’t. Or more accurately, I can, but I only have one day left in Chicago. Followed by a day of driving back to Des Moines, and helping Liz move into our apartment. And I may or may not have internet at the apartment…

*sighs* This could be bad for posting. We shall see.

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