MSW Profiles: Blazerflarey & Janet Torvalds


Janet Torvalds (click for full-size image):

See, what’d I tell ya? Eye candy. No, actually it was pretty liberating to do Blazerflarey’s profile. He’s pretty close to the guys I usually draw in terms of clothing and build, but the profile shows an evolved form of that. Maybe it’s just me, but I think the profile looks a lot more effortless. Also the proportions seem more or less right.

Like Jane Narbon, my own character Janet Torvalds got a dual profile. However, Torvalds only has two identities – well, three if you’re counting ‘Janet Torvalds’. What you see is what you get – Jane switches things up, but Torvalds uses a reliable difference between her identities to hide herself. So Gale doesn’t smile unless she’s in the Madness place, and Janitor presents herself as a lot more open and friendly. Hair color, appearance, height – all carefully modulated.

I do think Janitor is more of who Torvalds really is. Like Batman is the more real than Bruce Wayne. Yes, I just went there. I could I not? I like secret identities. But I didn’t want a hero character in the Wars, either. Thus: Janet. I hope that sometime over break I’ll have more of a chance to write something for her character.


I’ve been moody the last three days. Sleeping poorly, unable to concentrate, slightly grouchy. I crave ramen, and have almost finished the Least I Could Do archives. A predilection for Batman desktop wallpapers has emerged for some reason.

I am convinced that going back to work on artsy things is the solution. I need goals, something to drive my days over winter break. Sure I got a little sick of cartooning last week, but I only need one day off every once in awhile. Apparently three or four days off is overkill. So: fanart! I’m going to work on four of the MSW seasonal fanart pieces. The last one will take some time, but it’s not exactly seasonal, so I don’t mind its lateness. And I’ll begin work on Breaking the Fourth Wall 2008, shortly. I’m oddly tempted to do height line-ups of the characters I’ll use for that… Nah. That’d take too long.

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