MSW Profiles: Andrew & Jane

Urg. Christmas was both kind and cruel to me. Right now I’m fighting the self-destructive urge to pull an all-nighter and drown myself in webcomics or movies for awhile. It won’t help, but it’ll at least make me feel better temporarily. *sighs* I wish I had someone to hug right now.

More Mad Scientist Wars line-ups.

Prof. Andrew Tinker:

Jane Narbon (click for full view!):

I worked on Tinker’s for a long time, trying to get his clothing, stature, and build right. I think that all that work really helped me with the rest of the profiles, since it was the second one I did (after Zobot’s). For one thing, all those iterations made me remember why I stopped inking with ballpoint pens. Ballpoints are too hard to control, and you have to keep going back over your lines to get the ink flow even. That sucked and I went back to using my Microns. Then there was the fact that I couldn’t draw Andrew skinny enough, which led of course to my study of half-naked men of various builds, which would later lead me to being able to create a studly-looking Thad, as well as a sturdy-looking Des. ^^

I do feel sorry that Zobot missed out on la revolucion. David Toboz is supposed to be thin, but the build in the picture is clearly in between Thad’s chiseled and Des’s stocky. I should really redo his profile. But then, these line-ups were just supposed to be quick guides for my fanart… Eesh.

Jane Narbon’s dual line-up still makes me smile. I looked forward to doing it, and wanted to get her duality exactly the way I envisioned it. It is, after all, what makes her character so dangerous – her knowledge and use of others’ assumptions. With Jane, a kiss can be deadly; a necklace can record activity and trigger mental commands; a simple pair of heels can be jury-rigged into a device to both maim and cause confusion. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you Jane Narbon. *claps*

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