MSW Profiles: Wally & Claire

More Mad Scientist Wars line-ups!

Wallace Caine:


I’m really proud of these. In fact I’m proud of most of the MSW profiles, even with all the little screw-ups. What sets these two apart is that I anticipated problems with their line-ups (Wally because of his extra arm, Claire because of her spiky hair), so I tried to draw them beforehand. Wally turned out perfect the first time around. I drew Claire twice, terribly. When it came time to draw their line-ups, I was even more nervous than I had been before I experimented. Could I manage to draw Claire the way I imagined her? Could I draw Wally as well as I had the first time? Both profiles ended up exceeding my (pessimistic) expectations, and gave me confidence when tackling the other characters’ profiles.

By the way, I just finished inking the first of the MSW holiday/seasonal fanarts. I thought this would be the most simplistic of the six, but it turned out to have its own little complexities anyway. I’m pretty pleased with the way it turned out, and I can’t wait to show it off. Unfortunately, I don’t have access to my own scanner. Fixing it digitally will have to wait ’til morning when I can ask mi madre to borrow her scanner. *sighs*

Happy holidays!

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