MSW Profiles: Thad & Des

I’m back home in Chicago, and I spent the weekend furiously working on the profiles for the Mad Scientist Wars main characters. They’re finally done, thank goodness. Now all I have to do is get all six holiday-themed MSW fanarts done ASAP, plus three or so more profiles for secondary characters who need to be in the holiday fanarts. Agh. I really wish I’d gotten these done early… Am I recovered enough from school to pull an all-nighter? I don’t think so, but I can try.

I’m not going to be dumb and show all my art at once this time, though. Out of ten new profiles, you’re getting two at a time. All of them are up in the Mad Arts thread on the MSW forums if you don’t want to wait. As always, click on the images for full versions.

Thaddeus Guy:


I am damn proud of Thad’s profile. I didn’t think he would turn out so hunky. But there it is. After drawing all of these guys more or less one after another, I’m not worried about drawing guys anymore. Really. Wait’ll you see Blazerflarey’s. I didn’t get much description for his character and I was getting a little tired of drawing, so I made him eye candy. That was fun. ^^

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