Ashley watches Sanctuary episode “Warriors”

Sooo. My reaction to the Sanctuary episode “Warriors” was intense enough that I decided to document it. I’m sorry for all the Sanctuary spoilers I’ve posted in previous entries. There are no spoilers here, I don’t think, unless you really want to be surprised by Will (Robin Dunne stand-in, or Robin himself with a pretty damn good makeup job) suddenly sporting a Hulk-tacular upper bod. I – well, the comic says it better.

I am really proud of the left-hand image in the penultimate row. It doesn’t do justice to Will’s massive pair of man-boobs, but the face came out perfect. Sadly, the last row doesn’t do justice to the exaggerated nature of Will’s new build. He even looks kinda sexy there. Whereas in the episode his upper half is so big that every muscle looks fake. *sighs* Figures that just this once I get the proportions “right.”

The lesson that I learned from this episode: You can turn my favorite characters evil. In fact I enjoy a good “he’s not himself” storyline. But they will always get better. They will not stay evil.

But you mess with those characters’ good looks? There will (apparently) be hell to pay. I almost drew myself marching around with a pitchfork screaming for blood in the last panel. The pout is significantly more accurate.

By the way, all of this occured in like twenty seconds. Yep. It was a hit-and-run.


It’s finals week! And it’s devilishly cold in Des Moines. Snowstorm tomorrow, which sucks because I have no finals tomorrow, so I’ll be staying inside all day anyway, prepping for Wednesday. I can be done by Wednesday if I want. That makes me happy. But then, even if I don’t take the chance, I’ll still be mostly done by Wednesday. Still happy. ^^

I turned in my “final draft” of “Spyder, Spyder” today, and read a page of it aloud. I still need to actually finish it, but I got a significant amount of editing done. Surprise: I don’t hate it! Obviously I haven’t had enough time to let the sentences moulder. Now that the class is over, I’ll probably finish when I’m good and bored. The last two weeks of Winter Break maybe.

Progress is incredibly slow on the Mad Scientist Wars profiles. I’d hoped to be done by yesterday, so that I could start on the fun stuff today. I’ve decided not to post them on the MSW forum until I’ve got majority of them done (read: all MCs). Which means I’ll be working on art, but chances are there’ll be nothing for Wednesday. I’ll start posting “Spyder” excerpts, I think. There’s quite a few that I’m really proud of.

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