Om nom nom

Nope, no art, just as I expected. Yesterday was busy, busy, busy. I woke up early to tutor a Writing Workshop client, since I couldn’t stay late for our Wednesday night appointment. And then I had two presentations, followed by Anime Club, which I was looking forward to immensely after so much insanity and worry.

It was nice to sleep for twelve hours last night, though I still look and sound terrible. People don’t believe me when I say that I’m not as sick as I was a few days ago. Ah well. I know I’m getting better at least.

Finals will not be as bad as the last few days have been. So art should be okay.

My saved up rant is totally more about that sci-fi TV show “Sanctuary.” Bwahaha!

A bit ago, I talked about how the smexy-nerd character Dr. William Zimmerman was being shown as a professional having to relearn his abilities. He has all this great intuition, but every time he’s used it in-show, he’s been proven wrong.

Well, the episode I was waiting for came last week. Will showed his chops by confronting Dr. Magnus, who’d been infected by a parasite in her brain. He took advantage of his failure record by failing to shoot her, and then when she was celebrating her success, he killed her. To get rid of the parasite, of course, but it also seemed like a graduation of sorts for him. He’s proven that he can assume her mantle. Just not yet, since he was able to resuscitate her after the parasite left her body.

That episode would not have been possible without the setup of all his failures, and the constant wondering why Dr. Magnus decided to hire this dork (besides, y’know, all that smexiness). It made me very very happy to see that there was indeed a reason, and that Will can indeed work well within the new world he’s been thrust into.

But apparently the writers for the show have decided that’s enough badassery on Will’s part, because tonight’s episode? Will gets kidnapped and, according to the preview commercials, his “only hope may just be” the Magnus family. Yay for progress! >.<

…I still can’t wait to see it, though.

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