MSW: SiB & Chicgeek profiles

So there you are: profiles of the Mad Scientist Wars’ So It Begins and Chicgeek. Chic’s surprised me. Until it was colored, I didn’t think her hair was that great. Passable, but not great. I like it now, though. ‘S pretty. Not much to say about SiB’s profile. The stiffness of that one arm bugs me a bit, but now I just imagine that he’s about to poke at the profile frame. ^^

It’s unlikely there will be more art on Friday. I am pulling an all-nighter to get stuff done, and when I’m not doing homework or panicking over finals I’ll probably be sleeping. I’ll probably sleep through Friday too. Just because I’m still sick, and every waking moment is another moment of coughing, breathing problems, and a stuffed nose. *sigh* Thursday’s not gonna be fun at all.

I’ll save my rants for Friday, in case there’s nothing else to post.

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