Enter the calendar

I crashed from my NaNo high on Wednesday night. It was, oddly enough, by choice. I felt too damn free; with finals coming up I knew I had to kick myself into productivity again. So I sat down, and created three lists of things I need to do: homework-wise, creativity-wise, and in general. Then I created a three-week calendar and plotted out due dates. And plotted out when I should start working on things. I soon realized that my ‘freedom’ was indeed an illusion. There is still a lot to do. A lot more than I expected.

Of course, the calendar is already delicately balanced. If something doesn’t go right, there’s little room to make it up elsewhere. If people want to hang out for extended periods of time, I’ll have to factor it in and try to work out allowances and try not to panic.

Speaking of sociality, I was asked out on a date tonight (last night? ah, but I haven’t been to bed yet). I think I’m panicking about that too. Dates are… outside my protocol? But… Oh jeez, there’s backstory and explanations tangled up in this, none of which I really want to go into here. Suffice to say that Dan is a nice guy, and I may be one odd fish, but so is he and each one of us seems to believe that the other is more normal. I do believe I’m panicking about nothing in this case.

…I lost track of my train of thought. Oh right. The calendar.

So! The art dump last month was deliberate. I got a lot of the dumber, older art out of the way, but left just enough art to allow me to finish out NaNoWriMo. This will be the last post of old material. If I want to post something on Monday, it will have to be freshly drawn. Same for every day after that.

My calendar has a creative project listed almost every day for the next few weeks. You can expect to see:

  • Breaking the Fourth Wall 2008
  • wallpaper for next year’s NaNo attempt
  • Tao of Geek fanart
  • and oodles of Mad Scientist Wars fanart, beginning profiles like this one:

When I said I had tons of fanart ideas? I was not kidding. But they are surprises. I am admitting them to nobody. I believe firmly in the advice Deanna Raybourne gave in her NaNo pep talk last month: “you only have one chance to tell your story for the very first time.” 

It’s tempting, though. Really, really tempting.

  1. MSW Profiles: Andrew & Jane « Dreams To Wake Up To

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