The problem with using friends as Sims

(As always, click the picture for a full-size version.)

Somewhat self-explanatory, this one. You, uh, may notice this isn’t in my usual style. Even when in 2006 I didn’t draw like this. (It’s a good thing 2006-Ash didn’t know how badly I’d make fun of her. She would have stopped cartooning in the first place.) There’s a reason for that, actually.  This is a fancomic for my beloved Tao of Geek, as written and drawn by the talented Liz Walsh. It was one of the first (good) webcomics I started reading, and probably the only comic I still have bookmarked from around from that era. (Come to think of it, I may have gotten into webcomics in 2006, too…)

So check out Tao of Geek! It’s fun, and amazing, and definitely my Favorite Webcomic Ever. I have more fanart in the works. Yes, now that NaNo is over I can indulge myself and do moar fanarts. And regular arts too.

It is weird now that NaNo’s over. It’s not like I don’t have work to do, but my every waking moment is no longer geared towards writing or procrastinating on writing. I can choose what I want to do now. Art? Anime? Webcomics? Mad Scientist Wars (I’m invited into the main Wars now! YAY!)? So many choices…

I’m still mostly high off of finishing. I have a feeling I’ll crash when the first major assignment is due. And – *looks at calendar* – oh look at that! Guess what the first major assignment due is? “Spyder, Spyder.” For my group in the novella class. Not all of it. But a goodly amount. Edited. I’m slightly bitter that I don’t have more time to let the characters and story settle, but hey. I knew the risks when I decided to use it for NaNo in the first place. *sighs*

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