Burning but not dying

I’m linking the comic today. Two reasons for this: first, because I forgot to ask Angelbetty for permission to present this off DeviantArt; second, because the content is an odd take on the afterlife – sort of like the Dantean hell with clipboards, ‘metal’ detectors, and goddess-angels whose job it is to become mortal and sacrifice themselves for sinners. Yeeeah… I’m not actually religious, so it was a surprise to have this idea come to me, that’s for sure.

It’s found here.


So! I want to talk about “Sanctuary.” It’s running on the Sci-Fi channel on Friday nights, and while I’ve missed a couple episodes, I still look forward to it every week. Not so much because of the plot. I love my urban fantasy, especially mixed with a bit of X-Files-esque investigations, but that’s not what draws me to this show.

His name is Dr. William Zimmerman. Actually, no, his name is Robin Dunne, but he plays Will in Sanctuary. And he’s hot. I tend to like the geeky/nerdy types – often lanky, usually bespectacled – and when I find one that’s pretty as well?

…Sorry, what was I talking about? Was distracted by a screenshot of him half-naked from the first episode. He’s chiseled. Woo. ^^

In any case, he is pure eye candy for the nerd-inclined fangirl. Aaand that seems to be his main contribution. The first episode (Part 1) fooled me into believing that Will would be the main character, but he’s not. His role is pretty interesting, but he tends to fade into the background against character giants Dr. Magnus and her daughter.

At the beginning of the first episode, Will was working for the police, where his uncanny, Holmes-esque insights were leading him to conclusions hinting at extraordinary circumstances.  This doesn’t make him very popular at work, but he finds relief when he’s hired by Dr. Magnus to help manage her sanctuary for extraordinary beings. This is where things get confusing for me. Will is supposed to have all these insights, but most of the episodes I’ve seen have proven his insight wrong. He’s not an everyman drawn into a world beyond his belief, he’s a professional with a gift trying to make it in this new world.

I could understand him failing, but I’m just not sure of the point to Will’s abilities if they aren’t going to get used properly. Granted, a part of me is looking forward to the episode in which he finally gets things right.  A part of me facepalms every time he’s so obviously wrong.  (And most of me giggles and says things like, “Come on, pretty boy, you better survive this one,” to the TV screen.)

From a literary perspective, Will’s character intrigues me because he’s meant to do what Minrei was meant to do in last year’s NaNo attempt, “Strength of the Fallen.”  Minrei spent a century as a superpowered soldier fighting in the elven wars.  She wakes up one day without her abilities.  I was trying to take on a different perspective – that of someone who’s been there, who’s built up this store of knowledge, and now has to chuck that knowledge away and relearn things.  I failed, I know this. Minrei couldn’t quite leave the realm of beginner, and it was hard for me to think of her as having so many years of experience behind her. I think for all my whinging, “Sanctuary” does a much better job with Will.  His failures are only a small part of the story.  If he was The Main Character he probably would have a better track record by now.  As it is, he remains the viewer’s entry point to the story.  He’s accessibly human, the voice of reason and doubt, and often the one who needs the same explanations we need to understand the plot.  So what if he isn’t always the brightest crayon in the box? He still works well as a plot device and as an avatar of the viewer.

Also as eye candy. …Okay, I’ll stop fangirling. (If I want more Will I can just minimize Firefox. Yay new desktop wallpaper!)

NaNoNews: Made halfway yesterday, and I’m hoping to get to 33,000-ish today. Writing the last bits has really helped, in fact I’ve written probably about 5,000 words just on that one scene, the one in which all hell breaks loose and all the romance and soap opera melodrama flies out the window.

But now that the problem’s been set, I have no idea how to resolve it. “Spyder, Spyder” came from an unusually plot-oriented dream (like most of my novel ideas), and everything up until this point was included. The dream ended with this scene. I can infer what happens, but I’m not sure how it happens, and what exactly is involved. Diane steps up to the plate, I know that, and since Patrick is indisposed for the moment, it has to be her. So how does she deal with this situation? Agh. After I finish off the scene, it may be time to skip to an earlier section again. -_- Back to the melodrama?  After all this awesome plot? Sigh.

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