Searchin’ for my lost chapter of plot

“…Some people say that there’s a wooord count to blaaame, But I know – It’s my own darned fault.” (Blame the Naperville Wrimos; that’s all I have to say.)

I thought things were going to get easier after I finished the Graphics assignment. I really did. But here I am again, exhausted from a measly three hours of sleep. I’ve got tutoring today, so I can’t just zonk out after class as I have been. And I’ll probably pass out during AI class again. Rrrgh. Just… want… sleep…

NaNo News: Holy crap I’m behind on my word count. Current word count: 20,171. I’ve lost track of where I should be, but I have a sneaking suspicion it’s around 30,000. Very little homework right now, so if I can just get some sleep, I’ll have plenty of opportunities to up my sprints. I don’t trust myself to be productive at home, so this needs to be done before Thanksgiving break.

Plot-wise, I’m struggling. I want to write the ending so badly. Most of the novel is world-exploration and teenage drama, and then the end is supposed to make people look back and exclaim “There was a larger plot the whole time? What?!” Unfortunately, it feels as though I’m fooling myself as well. I’m expanding scenes which have more to do with teenage melodrama than I planned.  Melodrama and romance make me squeamish, and yet I’m writing them. If it weren’t for the future-selves-saving-the-world subplot, I probably would have thrown up my hands and dropped the whole thing by now.

Yesterday I had a long writing session with former/soon-to-be-again roomie Liz (thus the exhaustion; I didn’t start my homework until 2 am). I couldn’t concentrate on all the damn drama, so I wrote mostly a series of blooper reels. Surprisingly angsty, and one had the two male MCs kiss. They’d make an interesting couple, but the romance doesn’t fit, so I’m apparently writing noncanon slash for my own characters?

It did make me realize that Nick is bisexual, though. Not that it’ll come up, or change much about the story. It really doesn’t fit. Even the canonical ‘romance’ – Nick and Patrick’s rivalry over Diane – won’t go anywhere. I don’t think. It’ll be clearer when I write the end.

…Anyway. Sorry for being long-winded. I’m just slightly pissed that I can’t partake in my vices right now – Mad Scientist Wars, cartooning, “Final Fantasy X” (yep, still craving it), anime, sleep… Right now I’d settle for sleep. Sleep makes outlooks rosier.

To make up for this text-heavy post, I’ll do an art dump on Friday. Not a wussy one like last time, either. Prepare to be bombarded. ^^

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