Wrath of the felguard

Sleep schedule’s all messed up, and I just spent the last six hours sleeping instead of working on the Graphics assignment I was supposed to have done by now. NaNo updates on Wednesday, I hope.

Here we have a bit of art I did of former roomie Anne’s undead warlock, Kura – chibi-style! That long-suffering felguard minion is no mount, but she seems eager to use the carrot on a stick anyway… Seemed appropriate to post this now that the World of Warcraft expansion is out. I don’t play, but I know a fair amount of people holed up in their rooms in every free moment.

Me, I got a second-hand addiction from watching Anne play all the time last school year. Every once in awhile I get this niggling urge to try WoW out myself. But I really don’t need another addiction. Really.

Art-wise I am very happy with the way this turned out.

…Okies, back to work.

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