Emerald Knight

Let’s do wallpaper, shall we? Build up that neglected little category of mine? ^^

I made this one because I wanted a Green Lantern wallpaper, and there are no good ones of my beloved Kyle Rayner. Well… okay, none that I’ve found. Of course I then ran into another problem – I only own three collections or so of pure GL, and the art in them sucks, to be frank. And the JLA artists aren’t going to devote full-body solo panels to a member who isn’t Superman, Batman, or Wonder Woman. So I took the only good full-body image I could find, from the JLA: Divided We Fall collection. He’s not in his regular costume, but hey. I know it’s Kyle under that distinctive-crab-mask-looking helmet.

I will make more as I get my hands on more GL issues and graphic novel collections. I know that the GL art gets better – the Sinestro Corps. War proved that. Now if I owned the Sinestro Corps. War I could make a nifty one of Parallax!Kyle and the ring constructs he makes of himself in his hero costumes…

Sigh. Why do I love it so much when my favorite characters go evil? Probably the duality of character, not to mention all the mind games that the real villains tend to play in order to tip the heroes over the edge… Speaking of, I’m busy squeeing over the latest Ten Doctors page. The last panel, specifically. Half-naked Ten being converted into a Dalek… Mmm, I can’t wait to see how this twist gets resolved! ^^

NaNo news: Yes, I’m ‘still’ happy… Though yesterday I was cursing myself out and feeling like a dumbass for not finishing my Graphics assignment. I’ve got an extension, since my professor couldn’t help me figure out a couple bugs for awhile. Unfortunately, I haven’t written any of “Spyder, Spyder” in two days, thanks to that franticness. I’m waaay behind now, and I keep cheating with MSW. -_-

And the programming contest is tomorrow. Still need practice, and since I won’t get back until 5-ish, I may not have the time or energy to write… But I will. You watch me. Even if I can’t succeed, even if I’m utterly useless at the contest, I will at least have my story. And I will catch up. I will finish this thing. Mwa-ha-ha and all that. ^^

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