Nuthin’ but emo, I’m afraid.

Read at your own risk. There’s nothing particularly artsy or creative about this post – just me complaining and generally PMSing.

I am thoroughly upset with myself right now. I have two days’ worth of word count to make up for. I have cheated and kept up with the Mad Scientist Wars, clicking the link several times a day for updates. I made my sister upset because of my lack of communication. I will probably be utterly useless in the ACM programming contest this Saturday. I have barely started on the 3D walk-in museum I’m supposed to demo in Computer Graphics class on Thursday. I haven’t been eating properly. I haven’t been sleeping until 4 am. I slept through part of my Novella class today.

In short, I am one sad, sorry bastard.  Let’s see, how else can I cripple myself emotionally? socially?

…Jeez. Chris Baty, founder-spokesperson of NaNo, has repeatedly said that the second week is when the disillusionment of NaNo starts setting in. I can see his point; I’m certainly doing a lot worse than I’d hoped. But how much of that is really disillusionment with NaNo, and how much of it is disillusionment with myself?

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