QS: Kyle Rayner’s impeding doom

Ah, Green Lantern Kyle Rayner. My favorite superhero. I’ve liked him ever since I picked up my first superhero graphic novel – “JLA: Strength in Numbers.” That’s actually really odd, considering how little of a role Kyle plays in that collection. He was never exactly the most important character in the JLA (nearly every other member was given more screen time), but he was a valuable member anyway. My favorite JLA storylines are definitely the ones that don’t leave him a two-bit character meant only for a few one-liners and topical wisecracking. They aren’t my fave storylines because he’s given that treatment, but because the writers were good enough to work with the team dynamic they’ve established.

And now Kyle Rayner’s on to other things, and the JLA has a different GL-in-office. Last I checked it was John, but now that Hal’s come back it could be him… yeah, I haven’t kept up with the JLA since Kyle left after the Obsidian Age storylines. Ah well.

I should draw Kyle more. Really. I luvvers him so… *droop sigh fangirl*

The uplifted arm’s at an odd angle, but overall I like this one. Note that the black of his costume isn’t filled in – I still have hopes of fixing up and coloring this one. Also note that I didn’t use the brush pen to ink. I wanted the control of the fixed-width pens in order to get this right.


Right, then. NaNoNews: I SUCK. The euphoria of the first few days wore off too damn quickly, and was replaced by some well-placed, confidence-shattering bullets. ;_; I’m starting to regret the decision to NaNo this year, mostly because I’m so spread thin. The Mad Scientist Wars has taken over my brain again. I’ve got a major (actually creative) program due next week – a 3D walk-in museum. On Saturday I’m participating in a programming contest that I am afraid of being ineffectual in.

And then there’s the little commitments. A Writing Workshop poster. Backing up website data. Watching anime with friends, being on AIM, being social. Hell, my mother had to leave three voice mail messages and an email before I could respond. Holy crap, how do people ever get bored?!

So. Next couple of days I will be as much of a hermit as my commitments allow (damn contest means I should probably show up to Computer Club this week, but Anime Club is out of the question). A bit of self-loathing will probably occur, but here’s hoping that Getting Things Done will relieve that. All else fails? I pound on squirrels with my psychic hand of doom in Psychonauts. Senseless, cartoony video game violence is my favorite kind of stress relief. Well, that and webcomics. Oh wait. Rule number whatever of my NaNo plan. No webcomics for a month, unless as a reward. Dammit.

Heeeere squirrelly squirrelly squirrel…

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