QS: Chimera

So far so good on the NaNoWriMo front. I didn’t make my word quota on the first day, but yesterday I did. Making the Mad Scientist Wars a daily reward seems to be working out well so far – it’s on my mind often, but it’s getting easier to resist, to supplant thoughts of Janet Torvalds/Janitor/Alice/Gale with thoughts of Patrick and Diane, the protagonists of “Spyder, Spyder,” and their respective fields of charmcraft and spyder-ship.

One bad thing about NaNo, though: I’m not going to have the chance to play video games. I’ve been craving FFX, and haven’t had the chance to play in a month or so. Video games are always low on my priority list, but with NaNo around, there’s no way I’ll get the chance.  It would take getting my word count done very early, having my homework done, and being free of other activities that I wish to pursue… In other words, it ain’t gonna happen.


Aaand we’re back to quick sketches. I’ve got plenty of new material, but with NaNo going on I’m going to take my time going through my backlog. I will be doing fanart and a few quick sketches in my free time, but writing comes first. I will not lose this for a third year, and I feel justified in letting the art lapse a bit in order to fulfill this goal.

So what is this thing, you ask? I don’t know. It really was an idea from a cloud formation, with bits of smexiness added due to listening to the audio version of Rebel Angels at the time (lots of mythology in that book; the siren-mermaid things were especially striking). This is one of the rare quick sketches that I don’t have a problem with. The proportions are good, the claw and the wings are adequate, and I drew a new hairstyle. The subject matter though – I never want to stare at this one for very long. The chimera’s expression… Brrrr. Creepy.

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