QS: Brutal Honesty

I’m getting bored with just posting these quick sketches. I love them (Frankenstein pieces of them, anyway), but they’re old. Not boring, but old. Plus, when you upload things to three places, and talk about them in two, you start to fumble for new words. So next time, there’ll be an extra long post as I show off my Mad Scientist Wars fanart and talk analytically about romance, how I see it working, and what causes me to be fangirly for couples. I’ve been looking forward to this one.

I used stock from lindowyn-stock to create this sketch. She is currently in the midst of re-uploading her stock in a format that dissuades stock thieves. Unfortunately, the Brutal Honesty series isn’t up yet, so I can’t point to the picture I used as a reference (it’s one of my favorites; this sketch doesn’t do justice to the quiet introspection that first drew me to download it).

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